Adaptogens – Herbs for Stress Relief

An adaptogen energy supplement improves the body’s adrenal and immune function and ability to adapt to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue while having an overall normalizing and balancing effect.

Adaptogens are protective and raise an individual’s resistance to physical, chemical, or biological stresses. Over half a million people were given eleuthero (an adoptogen) after the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, to help counteract the effects of radiation.

An adaptogen energy supplement boosts recovery and has the power to normalize the physiological functioning of organisms suffering from various physical problems (homeostasis). Although powerful, adaptogen herbal supplements must be harmless to the individual, disturbing natural bodily functions as little as possible.

Adaptogens have the most broad-spectrum healing properties of any herbal medicines. One of their primary values is that they specifically relieve stress. The main effects of adaptogens are an increased availability of energy during the day, a reduction of stress feelings, increased endurance, greater mental alertness, and deep and restful sleep. Adaptogens also significantly accelerate the recovery process after illness and sports activities.

Adaptogenic herbs include eleuthero, ginseng, agaricus blazei, ashwagandha, maca and jiaogulan. Adaptogens reduce stress and boost energy, while correcting hormonal imbalances in the body.

Dr. Hans Selye, (1907-1982), the “father of stress research,” discovered that hormones participate in the development of many degenerative diseases.

In general, the hormonal responses aid adaptation to environmental change or stimuli; but they are sometimes the cause of disease, especially if the state of stress is prolonged or intense.

When this occurs, the body goes through the three stages of what is called the “general adaptation syndrome.”

Stage One: Alarm
It is important for this stage to function normally as it generates a number of critical metabolic responses for any person.

Release of the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, occur in this stage. Valuable in the short term, these hormones become disruptive to effective cellular function over a long period of time. Cortisol is a hormone with wide ranging effects on tissues throughout the body. One of the most widely recognized is its immunosuppressive effect. It also has a negative impact on energy regulation. Cortisol decreases the movement of glucose from the bloodstream into muscle cells (and several other types of cell). This is meant to be a protective response, conserving blood glucose for essential functions, such as brain activity. However, during any prolonged stress, cortisol decreases the availability of this energy.

Stage Two: Resistance
This is the stage where adaptive changes take place. Increased fitness is a perfect example of an adaptive response to physical stress. When the adaptation occurs, the individual returns to “homeostasis” or normal equilibrium. However, each individual’s capacity to adapt is limited and completely unique. Overwhelm the individual’s adaptive capacity, and you risk illness or injury. That’s when you enter the final stage – exhaustion.

Stage Three: Exhaustion
This stage is characterized by the observed onset of symptoms of fatigue, including injury or illness.

With the addition of adaptogens, the first two stages are handled very differently. Adaptogens modify the alarm phase and increase the resistance phase. This is critical, as these benefits provide protection to a stressed person by helping to maintain optimal cellular function as long as possible before the onset of exhaustion.

When adaptogens are added, the person still mounts an appropriate response to a stressful event, but the changes in cell function that result are more moderate and have less of an adverse effect on the entire body. The general action of adaptogens is well demonstrated by looking at the effect of stress on blood glucose levels. Shortly after a person becomes stressed, the stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) cause a rapid increase in blood glucose. Once it peaks, the blood glucose rapidly falls to lower than normal levels. Adaptogens moderate this response.

In other words, adaptogens do not block the stress response; rather, they smooth out the roller coaster highs and lows associated with the stress response. This conserves valuable energy in the alarm phase for use in the resistance phase.

Adaptogens increase the function of healthy immune systems when taken over a period of time. Adaptogens help the adrenal glands which produce hormones to aid us in dealing with stress and help prevent adrenal exhaustion.

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January 2009 Create Vibrant Health Newsletter

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Create Vibrant Health News Cleaning out Parasites and Candida: step one to optimum health

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are on your way to a fantastic 2009. One thing that will help this new year be a great one for you is to have excellent health.

For many years I have emphasized the importance of addressing the three key underlying causes of illness and sub-optimum health to optimize healing. These causes are: toxicity, nutrient deficiencies and emotional trauma and stress.

What is becoming more and more apparent over the past few years in my practice is that there is a fourth cause that must also be addressed to optimize your the body’s ability to detoxify and absorb nutrients, that is the reduction or removal of fungal, yeast and parasitic infections.

Parasitic or yeast infections not only inhibit nutrient absorption and stress the immune system, they also release neuro-toxins; toxins that acidify tissue as well as aggravate emotional imbalances and impair mental functions. Parasitic and yeast infections often go hand in hand, where you find one you will often find the other. When present these infections and their toxic by-products can overwhelm one’s already overworked detoxification organs and pathways such as your lungs, kidneys, liver, bowels and skin.

New Year’s Resolution to Revitalize your health. Step one: Clean out your intestines of unwanted visitors like parasites, fungi and unhealthy levels of yeast
In a study of outpatients at the Gastroenterology Clinic in Elmhurst, N.Y., a 74% incidence of parasites was found. One survey of public health laboratories reported that 15.6% of specimens examined contained a parasite. At Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, almost 30% of specimens examined are positive for a parasite. This despite the fact that these tests are notorious for providing false negative (finding no parasites when in fact one does have parasites) results at a rate of 50% – this due to the fact that a lab can logistically only test for a limited number of parasites we are exposed to.

Signs that parasites may be present include:
• teeth grinding
• brain fog and poor memory
• digestive disorders including: constipation, indigestion, gas, bloating,hard and/or loose stools
• hard and/or distended stomach
• skin problems: eczema, dryness, acne
• food cravings, especially sugar and yeasty foods
• allergies
• bad breath
• itchy rectum
• positive lab test
• dry blood sample that has black holes in it
• live blood sample with high levels of protoplasts (leaky gut toxins)

Parasite/Candida Assessment
Although stool samples can detect a fungal, yeast or parasite overgrowth, they can only test for a certain number of parasites and are considered unreliable in ruling out parasite infection. Parasites can be the hidden cause of many diseases and sub-optimum health conditions, laboratory tests can’t reliably detect them coming in at a 50% false negative rate. There is no test available that can definitively rule out a parasite infection. Live and dry blood tests can provide secondary evidence of fungal, yeast or parasitic infections but also are not definitive.
Since it is nearly impossible to avoid parasite exposure and the dietary indiscretions and toxin exposures which contribute to fungal, yeast and parasite infections, common sense tells us to do what indigenous people have done for centuries: namely do a thorough parasite cleanse at least once a year.

Parasite/Candida Questionnaire

For those who want to take a questionnaire that will give you a good estimate of the likelihood of whether you have a fungal, yeast and/or parasite infection, Click Here
Parasite/Candida Cleanse at least once a year.

In my experience it is wise to do a parasite/candida cleanse at least once a year and preferably twice a year. Until recently I’ve referred my clients to the health food store to purchase parasite cleansing programs. In the past year; however, I’ve noticed the products I’ve been recommending were not clearing up the parasites in my clients as indicated by their symptoms still being present and/or their blood samples still having clear signs of parasitic infection.

In the early fall of ’08 I came across a very powerful parasite cleansing program called Artemesia and Clove, developed by BioRay, Inc., a company whose heavy metal detoxification program I’ve used for many years. The program consists of two products: a parasite cleansing herbal formula and large parasite shredding formula.

To Order your Parasite Cleansing program Contact me at 541.482.2250 or email me at
Order by February 1st and get $20 off your Parasite Cleanse

Artemesia & Clove is proven effective against many parasites, yeasts and fungus; as shown before and after stool tests with the Parasitology Center in Scottsdale, Arizona directed by Dr. O. Amin MD. To read more about the Center visit

Artemesia and Clove, is a liquid tincture and is composed of the following herbs:
• Green walnut hulls
• Hercium
• Red Clover
• Artemesia Absynthium
• Olive Leaf
• American Ginseng
• Artemesia Annus Vera
• Cloves
• Grapefruitseed Extract

dosage 3-8 dropper fulls 2 x day on an empty stomach. Dose depends on size and your body’s capacity to clear parasites. This formula is to be taken for two weeks daily, take 7 days off and go back on for 10 days.

The large parasite shredding formula, called K-min, is composed of:
• Calcium
• Food grade Diatomaceous Earth

Dose 1-2 capsules 3 x day taken with food for the first 2 weeks of the parasite cleanse.

Under a microscope diatomaceous earth looks like shards of broken glass. When large parasites consume them they are shredded. Take this formula with food, it will not affect your digestive tract adversely and will pass through your GI tract if not consumed by the larger parasites.

This program clears parasites up better than any program I’ve used. The reasons are that the dosages are higher than most programs, the formula is stronger and more balanced than any other formula I’ve ever used and the K-min formula rips up the bigger parasites like no herbal remedy is capable of doing. I believe that if you’re going to go through the trouble of a 30 day parasite cleanse you might as well get the best formula on the market. I highly recommend BioRay’s Artemesia & Clove plus K-mins for the bigger Parasites.

The first step to getting your digestive tract in balance is to clear up the yeast, fungus and parasites. The next step is to replenish the beneficial bacteria to optimum levels. I will be giving a talk on Digestive health on January 14th at the Rouge Valley Metaphysical Library for more information Click Here


If you’ve visited my web site recently ( you may have noticed an interesting smattering of video clips peppered throughout. These clips were shot and posted on my web site by my multi-talented brother, John Jordan-Cascade. He’s started a business helping small business folks like me create web video clips and develop a presence on YouTube that funnels clients/customers back to their web sites. He can also set you up with the ability to track web usage through google analytics and boost traffic to your web site through search engine optimization tweaks and google AdWords buys.

Working with both YouTube clips and a google AdWords ad, John created a brand new page dedicated to Adrenal Regeneration: that quickly rose to be the number two most visited page on my web site!

His new business web site is:
If you’re Interested in hiring him for some of the same kind of marketing power, you can email him directly:


The new year is a time to commit to reaching our highest potential in life. It’s almost impossible to reach that potential when our energy is being drained by parasitic, fungal and yeast infections. It’s a great idea to clear these critters out at least once a year. Let me know if I can be of help.

Jim Jordan


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How to Reduce Heavy Metal Toxicity

How to Reduce Heavy Metal Toxicity
James Jordan, Certified Nutritional Consultant

It was in 1974 that Marvin Gaye’s ecologically inspired hit song “Mercy, Mercy Me” helped bring to the public’s awareness the contamination of our environment with the line, “Fish full of mercury, mercy, mercy me”. Unfortunately the news is no better today.

Although tuna and other large fish consistently have mercury levels far above minimum government safety standards, the public is often the last to know how toxic their food supply is. Over one in five women of childbearing age who had their mercury levels tested from hair analysis showed toxic levels of mercury above the minimum federal government standard. Of course this assumes that the federal level of safe is in fact safe. Most independent studies concluded that there is no safe level of toxic mercury in the body.

These high mercury levels are not just caused by mercury in fish.  There are numerous sources for several toxic metals that combine to put you and your family at risk for chronic health problems, low energy and a weak immune system.

Mercury vapors escape from dental amalgams throughout the day and contribute to many symptoms and degenerative health problems including: chronic fatigue, headaches, chronic pain, auto-immune and other chronic conditions such as: MS, ALS, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons, Diabetes, Eczema, Urinary and prostate problems, candida over-growth and many more. Mercury is cyto-toxic – toxic to all cells in your body including: brain cells, blood cells, bone cells and poisons your endocrine, immune, digestive and neurological systems. A person with several amalgam dental fillings will excrete as much as 10 times the mercury than a person without amalgam fillings. The mercury does its damage before being excreted by the body.

Having personally suffered from heavy metal poisoning and fortunately recovering I know firsthand the horrible symptoms of this problem, which for me, included: tremendous fatigue, depression, anxiety, pain in the body, constipation and overall horrible digestion, and immune suppression. I also know how it is possible to reduce one’s toxic load of heavy metals and experience a resurgence of energy and health.

One of the reasons for mercury levels going up in our bodies is the lack of proper education as to the sources of toxic metals such as mercury and the lack of responsible regulation and preventive measures by government, the medical and dental professions and industry. For example, according to a Chicago Tribune article from December of 2005, an FDA spokesman said that canned light tuna was arbitrarily labeled low in mercury to “keep market share at a reasonable level”. Industry lobbying often affects official government safety warnings regarding toxic levels of mercury.

Education and the desire to live a full life
are all that is necessary to improve your health

In this article you will learn:

  • The primary sources of heavy metal toxicity for the general public
    • How heavy metal toxicity effects your health
    • The first steps in reducing your heavy metal toxic load

History of heavy metal exposure

Some metals are naturally found in the body and are essential to health. Iron, for example, prevents anemia and zinc is a cofactor in over 100 enzymes reactions in the body. In trace amounts these metals are beneficial to the body; however, in high doses they can be toxic. When trace metals have a density of at least five times that of water they are called “heavy” and are difficult if not impossible for the body to metabolize without concerted nutritional effort.

The metals accumulate in your cells and tissues, interrupt cellular function, damage DNA and slowly destroy people’s health if they are not removed from your body.

The most common heavy or toxic metals are: mercury, nickel, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, platinum and copper (the metal form, not the ionic form required by the body). These metals have no function in the body and are hazardous to your health.

Toxic metals, of course, have been around for many centuries and have even been implicated in the decline of the Roman Empire. It is widely accepted by historians that lead contamination of the wine and grape juice drank by Romans from lead lined jugs resulted in the decline of the physical and mental health of the citizens of Rome. Human exposure to heavy metals has risen dramatically since the end of WWII when toxic metal use increased exponentially in industrial processes and products. We are now suffering the consequences of this exposure.

Adverse health effects of heavy metal toxicity

Numerous studies confirm that toxic metals have damaging effects on all the cells of the body and directly impair neurological, immune, endocrine, digestive, respiratory and detoxification functions of the body. Most of this damage is a result of the oxidative damage done to cells from the toxic metals. Even minute amounts of heavy metal exposure can negatively impact your health, but the following factors determine to what degree you will suffer:

  1. Nutritional status, especially anti-oxidant levels such as vitamins C, E and beta carotene, selenium and glutathione levels.
  2. Strength of an individual’s detoxification organs: colon, liver, kidneys and lungs.
  3. Quantity and duration of the toxic exposure.
  4. Immune system strength.
  5. Other toxic exposures such as chemicals and radiation levels.

Common sources of metal toxicity and effects


Sources: Aluminum cookware, aluminum foil wraps, antacids, anti-perspirants, baking powder, buffered aspirin, food additives, lipstick, medications, processed cheeses, tap water.
Target organs: Bones, brain, kidneys and stomach
Symptoms and conditions related to aluminum toxicity: Gastroenteritis, kidney damage, liver damage, Neurological damage, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, psychosis, muscle pain.
I have seen high levels of aluminum in most of my clients who get a hair analysis. Along with mercury it is the most common heavy metal toxicity.


Sources: Air pollution, antibiotics given to commercial livestock, coal-fired coal plants, herbicides and insecticides, drinking water.
Target organs: All, especially lungs, skin and gastrointestinal tract.
Symptoms and conditions related to arsenic toxicity: Abdominal pain, burning of mouth and throat, skin and lung cancer, nausea, cardiovascular disease.


Sources: Air pollution, cigarette smoke, art supplies, food grown in cadmium soaked soils, mining, batteries, fungicides, power plant emissions.
Target tissues: brain, hear and blood vessels, kidneys and lungs.
Symptoms and conditions related to cadmium toxicity: Anemia, dry and scaly skin, emphysema, hair loss, depressed immune system, loss of sense of smell, lung cancer, back and leg pain.
Smokers should all switch to natural cigarettes, which although addictive, do not contain the toxic chemicals and heavy metals that commercial cigarettes are laced with. American Spirits are one brand I am aware of that is less toxic.


Sources of exposure: Air pollution, ammunition, bathtubs (cast-iron, porcelain and steel), batteries, canned foods, ceramics, chemical fertilizers, cosmetics, dust, foods grown around industrial areas, gasoline, hair dyes and rinses, leaded glass, newsprint, paints, pesticides, tobacco smoke, vinyl mini-blinds.

Target tissues: Bones, brain, heart, kidneys, liver, nervous system and pancreas.
Symptoms and conditions related to lead toxicity: Abdominal pain, anemia, anorexia anxiety, bone pain, brain damage, confusion constipation , fatigue, headaches, hypertension, inability to concentrate, indigestion, memory difficulties, loss of appetite, loss of muscle coordination.
A Center for Disease Control study in 1984 concluded that 3-4 million American Children have dangerous levels of toxic lead in their systems.


Sources of exposure: Air pollution, batteries, cosmetics, dental amalgams, diuretics, electrical devices and relays, explosives, foods (grains), fungicides, fish, insecticides, pesticides, paint, petroleum products, tap water, vaccines, anti-biotics.

Target tissues: Brain, cell membranes, kidneys, nervous system (central and peripheral).
Symptoms and conditions related to mercury toxicity: Abnormal nervous and physical development (fetal and childhood), anemia, anorexia, anxiety, depression, blindness, dizziness, emotional instability, fatigue, headaches, hypertension, insomnia, kidney damage and failure, loss of appetite and sense of smell, nerve damage, metallic taste in mouth, Multiple Sclerosis.

The biggest doses of mercury you get are from your dental fillings which release mercury vapors into your mouth every time you chew food. Fish contaminated from mercury is a close second and the most damaging is from the vaccines children get which lead to gastrointestinal and neurological damage and has been implicated in autism.

I have had mercury toxicity at high levels two times in my life once from my dental fillings and a second time from eating too much mercury contaminated fish. I can’t recommend highly enough to get your mercury levels checked with a simple, inexpensive hair analysis and take appropriate action.


Source of exposure: Appliances, ceramics, cocoa, cooking utensils, cosmetics, coins, dental materials, hair spray, food grown near industrial areas, shampoo, industrial waster, medical implants, orthodontic appliances, water faucets and pipes, tobacco smoke, tap water.
Target tissues: Skin, larynx, lungs, nasal passages.
Symptoms and conditions associated with nickel toxicity: Apathy, Cancer, headaches, fever, dizziness, insomnia, nausea, rapid heart rate, skin rashes, shortness of breath.
Read the above lists over again and notice how the most common human activities expose you to toxic metals. Everything from chewing your food, the foods themselves, drinking water, putting make up on your face and dyeing your hair, breathing the air.

The good news is you can do something about it!

How to Detoxify Heavy Metals

Here are the key steps to reducing your toxic metal load:
1. The first step is to get a baseline hair analysis test. Many health care practitioners are offering these simple, inexpensive tests. I offer this test through my office in Ashland, Oregon. Contact me at (541) 482-2250 to set up an appointment.

Please see more about my detoxification services .

2. Reduce your exposure to toxic metals. See the list I have above and start working on removing the most common exposures. To get your dental amalgams removed go to ; / 1.800.311.6265 and to find a mercury free dentist near you. If you live in or near Ashland, Oregon I recommend Dr. Eugene Robbins, (541) 488-0726.

3. Get an evaluation to determine if you are ready to plunge into a heavy metal detoxification program or maybe start on a colon cleanse and liver cleanse first. An analysis of your health history can help me advise you on where to start, contact my office at (541) 482-2250 and visit my website for a list of my services.

4. Get started on detoxifying heavy metals: A safe place for most to start is with sauna therapy.

5. Start taking chlorella (1-3 tsps/day): chlorella has the most beneficial effect of any food in binding with heavy metals to detoxify them. I carry a colloidal form of chlorella and cilantro combination called Nano-collodial Detox factors (NDF) in my office.
My office number is (541) 482-2250.

6. Reduce your fish consumption to once per week and select low mercury fish such as: tilapia, sardines, Alaskan Salmon and shrimp. MORE

These few steps will start you in the direction of reducing your toxic metal load. For those of you who have seen me already you know I sound like a broken record when I launch into my underlying causes of illness talk, but I have to emphasize again that all sub-health conditions are caused, primarily, by just three factors:

  • Toxins, which are: chemicals, heavy metals and radiation.
  • Nutrient deficiencies and imbalances: many possibilities here.
  • Unprocessed emotional trauma and chronic stress.

Toxic metals are often the core of one’s deepest toxicities. Once the toxic metal load is reduced chronic infections will abate, digestion and nutrient absorption will improve, memory and brain function will improve and your immune system will get stronger. My clients, as well as myself owe much of our health recovery to addressing underlying heavy metal toxicity.

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