Green Fuel Tabs

I am enthusiastically endorsing GREEN FUEL TABS! It is an amazing product that will deliver significant savings to you on your fuel costs , improve our air quality and can contribute to the restoration of our economy. If you are feeling the crunch of higher gas prices you are not alone. The national average as of today, May 21st, is $4.52/gallon with the diesel fuel average coming in at $5.62/gallon. Gas prices on the west coast are higher than the national average with California at $6.02/gallon.

In addition to the high gas prices, toxic emissions from fossil fuel burning vehicles are the number one cause of poor air quality in our cities and, according to many environmental experts, contribute to climate change.

What if there were a product with a 20-year track record that has verifiable results in lowering fuel costs by 15-20% as well as reducing toxic emissions from all fossil fuel burning vehicles by 30-80% (depending on the age and condition of your engine)?

In the Spring of 2022, Green Fuel Global became the sole distributor of Green Fuel Tabs. The product was sold primarily to commercial trucking and cargo shipping companies until April of this year.

Green Fuel tabs (GFT) are now available for purchase for both individuals and businesses. The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

To evaluate what the range of your savings by using Green Fuel Tabs go to the ROI (Return on Investment) calculator.

In addition to the fuel savings your maintenance cycles and need for oil changes will last longer, your engine will run smoother and your emissions will be reduced by 30-80% depending on the age of your vehicle.

These are the prices per gallon of gasoline in Eugene Oregon in late May. Prices are likely to go up this summer!


Ready to save 15-20% on your fuel costs and reduce emissions by up to 85%? BUY NOW! 


How does Green Fuel Tabs Work? (PDF)



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