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The natural stimulation of the production of stem cells is an exciting, new innovation that represents the future of regenerative medicine. New technologies and products that help people do this will bring with it the potential for a longer and healthier life.

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GHK and DNA: Reducing The Diseases of Human Aging By Dr. Loren Pickart (PDF)


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Founded in 2004, LifeWave enables people all over the world to feel great, live long and live well. LifeWave’s product line offers a unique collection of homeopathic and acupressure products that improve quality of life without the need for drugs, stimulants or needles entering the body. For more information about LifeWave, please visit


I started using the X39 patches one month ago. Here is what I have experienced so far:

1. SLEEP. Much deeper sleep, including dreams. Any difficulty with digestion would wake me up and keep me awake for several hours. Now I sleep through it.

2. STRENGTH. A forty-year-old knee injury had started to cause me to use a cane three years ago. After using the X39 patches for about two weeks, I found that I relied less and less on a cane and now do not even carry a “just-in-case” folding cane for short walks.
Quite an improvement.

3. PAIN. While on the coast I experienced pain in my knee. I placed an X39 patch on the location and the pain stopped.

4. ENERGY AND ENDURANCE. On two separate occasions, while visiting with a much younger friend, they each noticed my energy and stronger walk and asked what I was doing differently. When I told them about the patches, they wanted them for themselves!

~ Claudine W. (80) – Ashland, OR


I wanted to say I like the stem cell patch very much, I do notice I have more energy and the pain down my left leg has been reduced. Also I gave a few patches to my daughter who was having a problem with her liver, and she placed a patch over it, within a few hours her pain was gone and she felt much better, she likes the patches very much. Now I am trying to get her to buy her own. LOL. Thank you for recommending this product to me, I am enjoying the benefits from it.
~ Veronica


During the day when I’m wearing a patch, my pain levels are almost non-existent, while at night when I take the patch off, I find that pain levels rise. I still struggle with getting enough sleep, but my days and nights are starting to normalize and I find that I actually seem to need less sleep. The combination of the patches and infoceuticals are actually very good.
~ Linda H., Colorado


Now my story!! My right leg and ankle were crushed in 1969 because of a head-on collision. I was in the Hospital for 6 months with many operations and skin grafts to save the leg. I could finally walk again after 15 months. I have endured pain and swelling ever since. The Day I applied the X-39 patch to my body after a few hours the pain in my leg felt like it did the day of the accident—– over the top PAIN.  I drank a lot of wine to get to sleep. I awoke in the morning NO PAIN only the feeling of slight pressure. To say the least, this is unimaginable to me. The majority of people that I have introduced the X-39 patch to have called me within 3 or 4 days and want to share their experience to help others. On top of that, it is inexpensive.  Also, my skin is glowing and eyesight is improving with energy improving daily. I have used it for 21 days now and everything is just better. The company is well established now for 14 years and is already in 120 countries. I’ve never had so much fun knowing that what I am doing is helping people recover their health and well being.

~ Blessings Cary (Swan) Oubre

After using the X 39 stem cell patch for about 2 months I noticed that my hearing is considerably improved. The hearing aids I purchased a few months ago are not being used except on rare occasions. My balance has also improved a lot. The feeling of being about to tip over happens way less frequently. As both of these things involve the ears I am imagining there is some sort of (unexpected) regeneration happening there.

Many Blessings,
~ Victor

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