Fundamentals of a Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

The vast majority of health problems are a result of our dietary and lifestyle choices. Whether you are overweight, fatigued, suffer from depression, have chronic pain in your muscles and joints or suffer from a chronic degenerative disease like diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders or fibromyalgia – diet and lifestyle are the starting points to rebuilding your health.

There are two essential elements to rebuilding your health:

1. Identify the dietary and lifestyle habits that contribute to your health problems and reduce or stop these habits.
2. Identify the dietary and lifestyle habits that regenerate your health and increase these habits.

When you decide you want to get healthy you’ll need to reduce or stop the following:

  • eating processed foods with refined sugar, additives and chemical preservatives including: sodas and junk foods.
  • eating high carbohydrate diet
  • consuming hydrogenated fats
  • excess caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol consumption

You’ll also need to increase the following diet and lifestyle choices:

  • Eating a diet focused on organic fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, natural raised meats, poultry and eggs and healthy fats such as: avocados, butter, olive oil, coconut oil.
  • Moderate exercise including: walking, biking, lifting weights, yoga,etc.
  • Getting eight hours of sleep per night.
  • Getting adequate sunlight and time outdoors to help regulate your hormones and endocrine system.
  • Minimizing your exposure to toxic chemicals, heavy metals and radiation.
  • Having healthy connections to friends and family

For those who want a diet that is more customized to your individual metabolism you may want to have your metabolic type determined which will give you a specific list of optimal foods and ratios of protein/carbohydrates/fats to maximize your chances of reaching your ideal weight, energy and mental clarity.

Some of you may have significant nutrient deficiencies and/or heavy metal toxicity. I can help you determine many of these deficiencies and toxicities with a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

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