My Philosophy of Health and Healing

My own experience coping with chronic illness and working with chronically ill people since 1992 has led me to the three areas that are most important to address in restoring health and vitality to the body–toxicity, nutrient deficiencies and emotional trauma and stress.

There are many thousands of potential toxicities; however, the majority fall into one of three categories: synthetic chemicals, dangerous radiation and toxic heavy metals. I begin our counseling sessions by helping you to identify chronic and acute sources of these core toxicities. I then work with you to develop approaches to avoid, reduce and detoxify the accumulations that have been stored in your body. Together we make certain that the approach is one you can live with and realistically apply to your life.

In the area of diet, I focus primarily on teaching you to eat, whenever possible, whole, organic and fresh foods that are raw (in most cases from 50% to 100%), but the ideal diet is also balanced to an individual’s biochemistry. This last health factor—your individual biochemistry–is determined using metabolic typing, Ayurvedic typing and simple self-observation (use of a journal can be helpful for many). Determining the proper diet for your unique system is a dynamic and personal process. The foods that are balancing and supportive for one person may create imbalance in another. Your optimum diet may also vary by season and at different times in your life.

I will guide you as you discover the energy and health that a proper diet can bring, providing you with the proper tools along the way. Ultimately, you will find an increased awareness about not only diet, but also the highly personal tendencies of your own body, and you will discover the true healing and rejuvenating properties of food.

Diet is only one part of restoring your health, however. Emotions and stress often have the biggest impact on your energy, happiness and health. Along with your personalized dietary program, you will also receive the best self-care, emotional healing tools that I have come across in my years of working in the health care field. As with diet, different approaches work with different people. I see and treat each person as an individual, which means your program will coincide with your individual spiritual and philosophical belief system. This is a critical principle I embrace in performing my work. Further, happiness is often key in helping a person deal with the stress in their life. As such, much of my work revolves around helping you get in touch with what truly brings you happiness.

Vibrant health is not only possible, it blossoms naturally when you eat a diet that is biologically appropriate, strive to reduce environmental toxicity and live a life in alignment with your purpose and values. It is my mission (as well as my joy) to help you realize the balanced, vibrantly healthy life you deserve.

– Jim Jordan, C.N.C, JD / December 2003


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