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My first ten weeks on NES have exceeded my expectations, which were high after spending many hours researching it. I noticed improved energy and focus within days. That met my primary goal after 61/2 years of chronic fatigue from Lyme infection. Various “clearings” have passed through, none lasting long, and definitely letting me know the infoceuticals were having an affect. I’ve noticed being able to breathe deeper and stand straighter. Recently a small lump developed under where I had a squamous cell cancer develop last year (on the same spot I got the tick bite.). That has disappeared and I’m trusting it’s cleared the residual infection.  Each scan has been revealing and informative. I’m eager to see what arises and unfolds next.  After so many decades of trying to fine tune my diet and supplements, I’m thrilled to have help that goes beyond the biochemical approach and work on the biofield directly.  Plus it’s so easy!

– Jane L. , Madison, WI

Thank you Jim for introducing me to the deep healing of NES!!

Both of my ears were partially “plugged up” for at least a month, especially my right ear. My initial NES scan indicated that this was an area that was a priority for healing. After only 4 days of taking infoceuticals an incredible thing happened. I regained my hearing and discovered a mass of ear wax on the outer edge of my right ear!  I was amazed. This has never happened before and I have had ongoing issues with my ears for many years. The infoceuticals were the key my body needed. I have had two NES scans. For the past two months I have been using specific infoceuticals based on the results of those scans. I have experienced more happiness, energy, focus, motivation and mental clarity. I have felt a gray cloud of sadness lift from my shoulders. I am getting more things done during the week, including projects that have been on my “to-do” list for awhile.

I am grateful to be able to participate in the truly incredible NES Health System.  I am enthusiastically looking forward to regaining my health and vitality through NES!!

– Lisa, Eugene, Oregon

After only 6 weeks of using the infoceuticals, I have felt a significant boost in my energy and vitality. This improvement has come slowly and steadily which tells me that the changes are coming from a deep internal rejuvenation. I have also noticed a boost in mental clarity and a shift toward being more driven and focused.

I have long known that energy is the basis of ANY change for the better. The problem has always been, how do I get the energy I need? The regimens I follow have provided me with a significant energy level improvement. As a result, I am beginning to regain the hope that I can make the changes I need for a better life.

– John C (Eugene,OR)

I feel more energetic, I am sleeping better, my fears are coming up, more psychic.”

– Ulam A. (Ashland, OR) 

After my husband died, I realized that I needed to take better care of my own health. A recent blood test showed high liver enzymes, my blood sugar levels off as well as high blood pressure. Around this time, Jim Jordan told me of a new health protocol called NES. While I knew about energy medicine, this was all new to me and I decided to give it a try. My NES scans revealed areas in my body that I knew needed help but also showed areas I was unaware of. Over a period of 5 scans (about 5 months) I am feeling renewed energy, strength and a power from being able to take charge of my own health.

MaryAnn, Springfield, OR

I’ve been using the NES system and consulting with Jim for 6 months now and have seen amazing improvements in my health that started in the first week.  Throughout this time Jim has been incredibly supportive and knowledgeable about resources to assist my healing. I was skeptical about a method where a computer scans your body and prescribes “infoceuticals”, but I am no longer skeptical. I am truly amazed and grateful for NES and for Jim!

Karla, Oregon, Wisconsin

Based on Jim’s recommendations, I have been using the NES infoceuticals and the miHealth device for the last 7 months. The accuracy of the scans is totally amazing. They have reflected the exact emotional and physical issues that I’ve been was dealing with prior to the scan. Additionally, the miHealth device has accelerated my healing process in combination with the infoceuticals.  Thanks you, Jim, for the support and attention you’ve always given me.

Linda N., Montreal, Canada

I’ve had ongoing problems with my teeth for as long as I can remember. In fact, every time I went for a checkup I was (sadly) reminded of the difficulty of growing older (for me): decline in the quality of my teeth. Until NES Health….The last check-up was about 5 months after I started my regimen of NES Health infoceuticals. I was very surprised that the checkup presented good news that was FAR better than it had been in at least 5 years! The quality and integrity of my gums were markedly better–so much so that my dentist asked what I had been doing differently. I declined to tell him and just shrugged. He said I must have been improving my brushing technique (I hadn’t really). He then smiled broadly and asked to shake my hand and congratulated me on my progress!

John, Eugene, Oregon

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