NES Health Bioenergetic Healing System

After nearly 25 years as a health and wellness consultant, I have finally discovered a system that represents a quantum shift in the way we approach healing our mind, body and spirit. This system is called NES (Nutri-Energetic System) that combines principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest findings of Quantum Physics. In addition, NES employs the latest advances in technology through scanning and therapeutic healing devices that delivers the most comprehensive approach to diagnostics and healing I’ve ever seen. I encourage you to take a few minutes to take a look at this short video clip which explains the system in more detail.

For more information on the science behind the NES Bioenergetic Wellness System read this document: The science behind NES (PDF)

NES is based on the principle that our bodies are a collection of energy and information “fields”. Distortions in these “body-fields” lead to biochemical imbalances that result in poor health. The system works to correct chronic and acute health conditions in the following ways:

  1. Restores energy to the body-field through diet, hydration, rest, sunlight and connection to the earth’s magnetic fields.
  2. Recharges the body’s organ systems so that they can power the body’s biochemistry and flow of energy.
  3. Clears up blockages in the energetic pathways so energy and information can flow through the body-field.
  4. Clears up “energetic terrains” which can be created by chronic infections, geopathic stress and EMF exposure. These “energetic terrains” drain energy and make one susceptible to reinfection.
  5. Clears emotional traumas from the body-field which can block the full expression of one’s life force.
  6. Identifies sensitivities to toxic exposures such as EMFs, radiation, heavy metals and chemicals.
  7. Identifies key nutrient and metabolic imbalances that need to be addressed.

The brilliance of this system is that it allows you to generate your own scan from the comfort of home and gives you access to your results within minutes. The scan tests over 150 health markers and then prioritizes areas to focus on along with recommendations for information encoded formulas called infoceuticals. These infoceuticals work by providing the correct information to the area of the body-field that is asking for the most support.

Here is a testimonial from one of my recent clients:

After only 6 weeks of using the infoceuticals, I have felt a significant boost in my energy and vitality. This improvement has come slowly and steadily which tells me that the changes are coming from a deep internal rejuvenation. I have also noticed a boost in mental clarity and a shift toward being more driven and focused.

I have long known that energy is the basis of ANY change for the better. The problem has always been, how do I get the energy I need? The regimens I follow have provided me with a significant energy level improvement. As a result, I am beginning to regain the hope that I can make the changes I need and want for a better life. 

Thank you, Jim, for turning me on to this exciting new methodology for healing!”
— John C.  Eugene, OR

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* The price of the first scan (normally $225) is now $175. This includes the scan, consultation and the scanning device that will be shipped to you.

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