Resource Guide

Resource Guide for Resilience

Download my “Resource Guide for Resilience” (PDF)

Research papers
1. COVID-19 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective. – Science, Public Health Policy, and The Law,  Volume 2:4-22, October 12, 2020
3. The Virome Explained by Zach Bush. (video)
Books and reading material and websites
1. Virus Mania – Torsten Engelbrecht
2. The Invisible Rainbow – Arthur Firstenberg
3. The Contagion Myth – Thomas Cowan, MD
4. The Truth About COVID-19 – Dr. Joseph Mercola
5. GreenMedInfo – health education website with integrity.
Healing Technologies and Modalities
5. Quantum Supremacy bracelet – strengthens bioenergetic field for resilience from EMFs
Nutritional Supplements and Remedies
1. Ancestral Supplements Beef Organs, Bone Marrow, Fish Eggs
2. Perfect Aminos – Body Health. Contact my office for special pricing : 541-482-2250
3. Ion Biome for gut health – Heals gut, protects against Glyphosate poisoning. Contact my office for special pricing : 541-482-2250
4. Advanced TRS – nano-zeolite for detoxing heavy metals and chemicals.
5. Vitality Herbs and Clay – humic and fulvic acid based supplements and clay baths for detoxification
Miscellaneous resources
1. Clear phone – 4-G decentralized ID, privacy phone
2. Andreas Kalcker – Research on CLO2
3. Freedom Cells – community building concept and network

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