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Testimonials for “Your Health Is In Your Hands” book

I have not had even an aspirin for more than 20 years and every year my health seems to be improving, even though I am nearing 60. The natural approach James Jordan recommends, which I have followed for many years, is QUITE remarkably sound and valid. His new book is a terrifically accessible explanation of a radically simple and effective way to get healthy and stay healthy. It is NOT infallible, but it is an approach that you have control over and that cuts out the pharmaceutical companies and the rest of the medical-industrial system. This individual, natural approach is, therefore, a WIN-WIN, as far as I’m concerned!
~ John Jordan-Cascade, Eugene, Oregon

Jim Jordan presents a clear, concise scientific and holistic approach to health.  His experience speaks for itself and the facts are documented, easy to understand and to the point.  His message delivers the goods without all the fluff.”
~ Dr. Timothy March D.C.

Jim Jordan’s approach to health and healing is unique from other practitioners in the field of Health and Wellness. He has been down the very long path of severe chronic illness and found his way to a high level of wellness through trial and error, and applied intelligence. Jim applies this accumulated wisdom and understanding of the body, mind and spirit in his practice and offers a practical and efficient way to expedite the self healing process for his clients. Jim’s track record speaks for itself in his success.“
~ Lee Patrick Hanks, Health Consultant

Jim Jordan has written an exceptional book on the primary, underlying factors that prevent people from achieving ideal health. This is a wake-up call for anyone serious about reclaiming their health through the use of diet, nutrition, detoxification, right attitude and healthy lifestyle. He writes from not only his clinical experience, but also from his personal health journey. This is a very eye-opening book.
~ Michael McEvoy, FDN, CNC, CMTA

Herein lie the keys to vibrant health! Jim Jordan lays out the fundamentals to optimal health. He dispels myths and tells the truth that he has proved through the healing of his own chronic fatigue and in his work with countless health seekers over the past 25 years. Read it, then follow it to reclaim and enhance your own health.”
~ Michael Mendribil, ND

If you’re ready to reclaim your energy, lose weight, ditch your pain and embrace life again, James Jordan is your co-pilot to wellness. This book is not only an invaluable reference; it’s a complete guide to healing and finding happiness. A true treasure!
~ Rachael Bieschke Owner, Cloverpetal Creatives, Senior Writer at

Testimonials for “Getting to Know and Care for Your Body” DVD series

“Jim’s lectures are valuable for anyone seeking to take charge of their own health and well-being. He explains very clearly in lay terms how
the body works, and combines the basics of self-health care with the latest cutting-edge research. Very practical, understandable, and motivating — highly recommended!”

~ Tom Clunie D.C., Talent, Oregon

“Jim’s lectures were a good motivator to me to work on my health.  Buying the lecture series means that you could recharge your motivation at any time.”

~ Kathy Hathaway, Medford, Oregon

“Jim Jordan makes learning about the human systems both more enjoyable and more easily understandable than anyone else I’ve heard on the subject.  His sense of humor,  presentational skills,  knowledge of the subject and natural ability to relate in a genuine and relaxed way with his audience resulted in a lecture series that was a delight to participate in. I highly recommend him.”

~ Pamala Joy, Certified Practitioner, Resonance Repatterning, Founder and Co-ordinator, Ashland Food Angels

“I attended all six of James Jordan’s talks covering a variety of health subjects.  I found it all extremely interesting where I felt I was given some very real new knowledge which is helping me with my own health on a every day basis….I find myself thinking  much more often about what I take into my body, what supplements I take, what foods I eat, what drinks I drink.  I respect the  hours of work he has done in preparing for his very informative talks, and in preparing for his meetings with clients. Thank you, James!”

~ Nina Council, Ashland, Oregon

“Jim’s program of nutritional counseling and detoxification taught me to care for myself in ways that doctors couldn’t by addressing underlying causation. I was able to quickly recover from years of digestive distress and suffering. I wish i had met him sooner.”

~ John Lupton, Ashland Oregon

I found Jim’s lecture series very enlightening for a lay person.  Jim’s warm personality contributed towards absorbing the excellent information on natural healing he offered.

~ Bernice Lakin, Ashland, Oregon