How to Protect Yourself Naturally
from the Coronavirus
March 10, 2020
In my last newsletter I addressed how fear and low life force energy make you more susceptible to infections of all kinds – including viruses such as the Coronavirus (COVID- 19).
In this newsletter I want to share with you how to use nutrition and supplementation to keep your immune system strong so even if you were exposed to COVID-19 your health will not be compromised and you will clear the virus from your system.
Basic principles of viruses
Viruses are tiny strands of nucleic acids (proteins) with information to self replicate. When infected by a virus your body’s immune system identifies it as an invader and mobilizes a defense with white blood cells and inflammatory factors to eliminate the virus. The symptoms you experience from a virus can include: fatigue, pain, headaches, mucus discharge, skin breakouts and more.
Your immune system strength and vitality is the key to clearing out the virus and some simple steps can be implemented to significantly mitigate symptoms while your immune system does its job.
Key nutrients, foods and supplements to support immune function
  1. Lean protein – Your body makes white blood cells from the amino acids derived from protein. Include lean sources because viruses and shield themselves in cells that have too much saturated fat. Foods such as free-range chicken or turkey breast, wild caught fish, shellfish, cottage cheese and egg whites are great sources of lean protein. The supplement Perfect Aminos is even better since it is 99% utilized for protein synthesis compared to the highest food source eggs being about 50%.
  2. Vitamin A – in both water soluble (beta-carotene) and fat soluble forms. Foods such as: carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, romaine lettuce, cod-liver oil for both vitamins A and D and the omega 3 fatty acids.
  3. Zinc – food sources include: oysters, crab, pumpkin seeds, beef and bison.
  4. Selenium – food sources include: brazil nuts, beef, eggs and cottage cheese.
  5. Vitamin D – Sunlight on bare skin for 20-30 minutes per day at mid-day will active your body’s production of vitamin D. Food sources include: cod-liver oil, eggs and butter.
  6. Vitamin C – whole food vitamin C from broccoli, citrus fruit, tomatoes, bell peppers. Food based supplements such as Truly Natural Vitamin C and Cataplex C from Standard Process are optimal.
  7. Anti-viral herbs: Olive leaf extract, Pau Darco, Elderberry, garlic, Oregano, Basil , Fennel and Ginger.
How to use Nutrition to Protect Yourself from the Coronavirus
How to Use Nutrition to Protect You from the Coronavirus
Addressing active viruses naturally
The vast majority of people exposed to COVID-19 have few if any symptoms expressed. If you implement the common sense suggestion in this newsletter and my previous newsletter you will likely not have any serious consequence from exposure to COVID-19. If for some reason you become symptomatic from exposure to a virus there are several simple action steps to drastically reduce your symptoms and optimize your rate of recovery.
When viruses take hold of a person’s cellular function it is very common for one’s urine pH to rise. The normal first morning urine pH should be around 6.2 which is slightly acidic. Your body is effectively excreting waste and it reflects in this acidic pH.
If you are actively fighting a virus our urine pH will rise to anywhere from 7.0 to 7.2 or higher. The famous natural healer, Emmanuel Revici, M.D. treated all his patients who had active viruses with mono-ammonium phosphate which pushes the urine pH down.
This drastically reduced the patients symptoms while the patient’s immune system did the work of cleaning out the virus. The same can be done with loading Ascorbic Acid at 1 to 3 grams every half hour until the pH comes back down to 6.2.
It is important to note that unless your urine pH has risen to 7.0 or above I do NOT recommend Ascorbic Acid as a form of Vitamin C since it can throw your body chemistry out of balance. As a preventative use whole food forms of Vitamin C such as listed above.
The next step to take if your body is actively fighting a virus is to consume more fatty acids and less sterols. Fatty acids are fats that are liquid at room temperature such as: olive oil, flaxseed oil. fish oil. Foods that are higher in fatty acids are wild caught fish and other seafood like oysters and crabs.
At the same time reduce the foods high in sterols such as butter, red meat and eggs. The reason is that when viruses penetrate the cells of a person whose cell membranes are high in sterols the immune system is less likely to be able to enter the cell to destroy the virus since sterols are less permeable than fatty acids.
For those that want more personal guidance in strengthening their immune system please feel free to contact my office at 541.482.2250 and I will be happy to set up a short consultation to put together a program more customized for you.
Wishing you health and happiness,
Jim Jordan, CNC, JD