As you may know, I experienced a health crisis in April of 2016 due to a combination of factors including chronic stress, decades of suppressed emotions, mold exposures and the depletion of energy from these factors.
At times my energy was so low I could barely walk around the block. I was often unable to work or handle social interactions. I couldn’t integrate simple sensory input such as reading, being in public or looking at a video. For months I suffered from panic attacks, severe insomnia, and debilitating depression. My nervous system was essentially shattered.
After nearly two years of making very little progress in my health condition, I was truly at a loss. Fortunately, a client asked me to investigate NES (Nutri-Energetic System). As I studied the system and heard about the remarkable results people were having with NES, I decided to try the program.
For a clear and concise overview of The NES Health Bioenergetic Wellness System, I invite you to take a few minutes to view this video.
NES Health: An Overview
NES Health: An Overview
Using the NES scanning device as an assessment tool in combination with NES infoceuticals, I began to gradually and steadily improve my health.  Six months later I found myself doing things that I would not have considered possible at the time that I began the program. As I write this newsletter I feel I am well on my way to complete recovery. 
This program has not only improved my health but ultimately has changed my understanding of health and the healing process itself. Even with the best nutrition and natural healing therapies we cannot resolve chronic health issues if shocks, traumas and the resulting dysfunctional energetic patterns are not transformed and healed. NES provides effective tools to support you in this deep work.
The NES Wellness System is based on three foundational principles:
  1. Assessing: NES’s state-of-the-art scanning device and software accurately identifies over 400 bioenergetic markers in literally 30 seconds.
  2. Unblocking: Formulas called infoceuticals (information encoded liquid formulas) help to remove blockages in the information pathways correlated to our body-field.
  3. Correcting: These infoceuticals correct information in the body-field thereby activating its self-restoring abilities.
Some of the markers that the NES scanning device will identify include the following:
  • Hydration levels
  • Dietary and nutritional imbalances
  • Circadian rhythm balance
  • Alignment of your body-field with the Earth’s magnetic fields
  • The energetic strength of the organs, glands, tissues, and cells
  • Strength and accuracy of energy flow through meridian pathways
  • Location and source of energetic distortions from shocks, traumas and emotional tape loops in the body-field
  • The strength of our overall energetic immunity
  • Levels of sensitivity to a wide variety of toxins including chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation
For myself and my clients who are using NES, there is not only a gradual increase in physical energy and a reduction of symptoms but also the benefit of living a healthier and happier life as a result of healing from long-held pain. The deeper resolution of old emotional wounds has the potential to give us more life force than we could ever synthesize from perfect nutrition and the best in dietary supplementation.
Here is a testimonial from one of my current clients:
“I’ve been using the NES system and consulting with Jim for 6 months now and have seen amazing improvements in my health that started in the first week. Throughout this time Jim has been incredibly supportive and knowledgeable about resources to assist my healing.  I was skeptical about a method where a computer scans your body and prescribes “infoceuticals”, but I am no longer skeptical. I am truly amazed and grateful for NES and for Jim!
– Carla in Wisconsin
The NES scanning device can be shipped directly to your door so that you can generate your scan from the comfort of home. After I receive your scan we meet by phone or skype/zoom to review your results and discuss infoceutical recommendations that your scan generates especially for you. You will have ongoing access to your scan results with lots of useful information in the NES client portal to support your health on every level.


We are living in very challenging times energetically, emotionally and environmentally. We need new ways of approaching our health issues because many of the older methods are not delivering the kind of results that we all want for ourselves and for our family.
If this powerful system for healing and rejuvenation sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to call my office at 541.482.2250 to schedule an introductory session.
For the remainder of the month of November, I am offering a special price for an introductory session of $225 (normally $275) which includes the scanning device and a 1-hour consultation.
I am happy to say that NES has changed my life and I know it can change your life too!
To your well being,
Jim Jordan, CNC