Transform Your Life with The NES Health Bioenergetics Wellness System

As you may know, I experienced a health crisis in April of 2016 due to a combination of factors including chronic stress, decades of suppressed emotions, mold exposures and the depletion of energy from these factors.
At times my energy was so low I could barely walk around the block. I was often unable to work or handle social interactions. I couldn’t integrate simple sensory input such as reading, being in public or looking at a video. For months I suffered from panic attacks, severe insomnia, and debilitating depression. My nervous system was essentially shattered.
After nearly two years of making very little progress in my health condition, I was truly at a loss. Fortunately, a client asked me to investigate NES (Nutri-Energetic System). As I studied the system and heard about the remarkable results people were having with NES, I decided to try the program.
For a clear and concise overview of The NES Health Bioenergetic Wellness System, I invite you to take a few minutes to view this video.
NES Health: An Overview
NES Health: An Overview
Using the NES scanning device as an assessment tool in combination with NES infoceuticals, I began to gradually and steadily improve my health.  Six months later I found myself doing things that I would not have considered possible at the time that I began the program. As I write this newsletter I feel I am well on my way to complete recovery. 
This program has not only improved my health but ultimately has changed my understanding of health and the healing process itself. Even with the best nutrition and natural healing therapies we cannot resolve chronic health issues if shocks, traumas and the resulting dysfunctional energetic patterns are not transformed and healed. NES provides effective tools to support you in this deep work.
The NES Wellness System is based on three foundational principles:
  1. Assessing: NES’s state-of-the-art scanning device and software accurately identifies nearly 200 bioenergetic markers in literally 30 seconds.
  2. Unblocking: Formulas called infoceuticals (information encoded liquid formulas) help to remove blockages in the information pathways correlated to our body-field.
  3. Correcting: These infoceuticals correct information in the body-field thereby activating its self-restoring abilities.
Some of the markers that the NES scanning device will identify include the following:
  • Hydration levels
  • Dietary and nutritional imbalances
  • Circadian rhythm balance
  • Alignment of your body-field with the Earth’s magnetic fields
  • The energetic strength of the organs, glands, tissues, and cells
  • Strength and accuracy of energy flow through meridian pathways
  • Location and source of energetic distortions from shocks, traumas and emotional tape loops in the body-field
  • The strength of our overall energetic immunity
  • Levels of sensitivity to a wide variety of toxins including chemicals, heavy metals, and radiation
For myself and my clients who are using NES, there is not only a gradual increase in physical energy and a reduction of symptoms but also the benefit of living a healthier and happier life as a result of healing from long-held pain. The deeper resolution of old emotional wounds has the potential to give us more life force than we could ever synthesize from perfect nutrition and the best in dietary supplementation.
Here is a testimonial from one of my current clients:
“I’ve been using the NES system and consulting with Jim for 6 months now and have seen amazing improvements in my health that started in the first week. Throughout this time Jim has been incredibly supportive and knowledgeable about resources to assist my healing.  I was skeptical about a method where a computer scans your body and prescribes “infoceuticals”, but I am no longer skeptical. I am truly amazed and grateful for NES and for Jim!
– Carla in Wisconsin
The NES scanning device can be shipped directly to your door so that you can generate your scan from the comfort of home. After I receive your scan we meet by phone or skype/zoom to review your results and discuss infoceutical recommendations that your scan generates especially for you. You will have ongoing access to your scan results with lots of useful information in the NES client portal to support your health on every level.


We are living in very challenging times energetically, emotionally and environmentally. We need new ways of approaching our health issues because many of the older methods are not delivering the kind of results that we all want for ourselves and for our family.
If this powerful system for healing and rejuvenation sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to call my office at 541.482.2250 to schedule an introductory session.
For the remainder of the month of November, I am offering a special price for an introductory session of $225 (normally $275) which includes the scanning device and a 1-hour consultation.
I am happy to say that NES has changed my life and I know it can change your life too!
To your well being,
Jim Jordan, CNC

Prevent Disease and Optimize Your Health by Understanding Your Blood

Create Vibrant Health News April, 2015

How many times have you been told that your blood test results are “normal” but you still don’t feel well?

For 18 years I’ve been seeing clients who are struggling with one or more chronic health issues yet their doctor is saying: “According to your lab tests, there is nothing wrong with you”.

The problem is not with the physician or with you it is with the way health is measured through conventional interpretation of blood tests.  
You may have had blood work done, but your provider may have been focusing on the absence of disease instead of looking for patterns that could indicate metabolic imbalances. These imbalances will eventually lead to a disease state if not addressed from the perspective of prevention and can give a trained practitioner the clues needed to help you transform your health now.
For over a year I’ve been in communication with a colleague who has been developing a system to help practitioners analyze blood chemistry tests from a functional perspective. He has had great results with his clients. I am very excited to offer this service to both my local and distance clients.

For the past several months I have been using this revolutionary new system called the “Functional Blood Chemistry Analyzer Reporting System” to assess blood chemistry tests from a functional perspective. I am able to address a fuller range of metabolic imbalances for my clients,more quickly and with more certainty than ever before.

I hope you enjoy the information in the newsletter.

To your health,

James Jordan, CNC, CMTA


What Is The Difference Between Functional And Conventional Blood Chemistry Analysis?
Conventional blood chemistry analysis while considered the gold standard in today’s medical practice, centers solely on the diagnosis of disease. It is not very useful as an early detection system because it lacks the ability to identify any tendencies that could ultimately lead to disease later on.
Functional analysis is preventative in nature and utilizes a different set of laboratory ranges (set forth by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry). The goal is to identify patterns and tendencies within your blood so that pathology never manifests and disease is averted.
Additionally, functional analysis utilizes very comprehensive and detailed laboratory reports to establish the big picture of how well your body is functioning on all levels, allowing me to address any concerns through lifestyle modification, dietary recommendations, and supplement protocols.
Blood chemistry pattern analysis enables the clinician to pinpoint the primary imbalances with greater precision and clarity. In many respects, it removes a great deal of uncertainty because itquantifies physiological imbalances in terms of relationships, rather than just as individual “high or low” markers. The “high or low” version of blood chemistry interpretation can actually lead to very reductionist, linear and ineffective recommendations.
Take for example if a person’s total cholesterol is 350. The clinician who is only using the “high or low” version of blood chemistry analysis will say: “We need to get your cholesterol down. Take niacin. And if that doesn’t work, take fish oil 5X daily. And if that doesn’t work, try garlic. And if that doesn’t work, try the next latest cholesterol lowering supplement. And then if that doesn’t work, cut all of your fat and dietary cholesterol intake and become a vegan.”
What if your cholesterol being high is a result of higher levels of stress or toxicity that have to be addressed first? What if what is considered high cholesterol by mainstream medicine is in fact a healthy adaptation to one’s circumstances? What if you have nutrient deficiencies which are impacting your body’s ability to detoxify and that is driving up your cholesterol?
With a functional analysis of your blood chemistry we are looking at underlying causes of health issues not just which markers are out of range. We look at the the whole system and design an customized program to support optimal health.
The Functional Blood Chemistry    Analyzer® reporting system, reports on  the following physiological parameters:
  • Blood sugar handling
  • Cell hydration
  • Digestive markers
  • Liver-related markers
  • Adrenal status markers
  • Thyroid activity
  • Pituitary -related markers
  • Inflammatory activity
  • pH markers
  • Skeletal integrity
  • Renal function
  • 10 nutrient markers
  • Immune response

And more…..

Steps to take to get a functional blood chemistry analysis:
  • Get a copy of your latest standard blood test to my office by email or mail which includes: comprehensive metabolic panel, CBC and lipid panel. Call my office if you don’t know if the information in your test is sufficient to run a functional analysis report. The test results has to be within the past 3 months.
  • If  you don’t have a recent blood test I can arrange a blood draw for you through a nation-wide lab I am using which has locations throughout the United States and Canada at very reasonable fees.  I am providing this service to both my local clients in Southern Oregon and my distance clients from all parts of the country.
  • Depending on your health issues we may want to have some additional tests added to your lab order including a thyroid panel, vitamin D levels, C- reactive protein, homocysteine, folate and others. We can customize the lab tests for the health issues you are facing.
  • Once I receive your blood test results  I enter the raw data into the functional blood chemistry analysis software and we generate a report to review for our consultation. Consultations can be in person, by phone or skype.
    If you’re interested in seeing what a sample functional blood chemistry report can show one about their health click on SAMPLE-Blood-Chemistry-Analyzer to view.

For the month of April I am offering a special on my functional blood chemistry analysis service of $189* (normally $229). This includes a personalized 45-50 page report as in the above sample and an hour consultation. 
Call my office at 541.482.2250 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a session.

*does not include lab fee if you do not have a recent blood test (within 3 months)
Functional blood chemistry analysis is transforming the way holistic practitioners can use blood chemistry tests in helping their clients resolve long standing health issues and optimize their health. I am very excited to offer this new service and welcome feedback and comments.

Wishing you a healthy and happy spring season,

James Jordan , CNC, CMTA

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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
How do I go about getting a Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
Spring Sale of “Your Health is in Your Hands”
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“Your Health is in Your Hands”
Spring Sale

What people are saying about “Your Health is in Your Hands”:
“So well written, simple to understand and to the point! Great book on natural health, highly recommend this book!” 
“This book to be so very helpful, uncomplicated and to the point. Jim Jordan’s personal story is compelling… he speaks from
experience and knows the difficulty in trying to find answers to feeling better.
He found it and has shared it in this easy to read book.
Thank you for sharing it.”
“Very informative read! Easy to understand and well written, I would recommend this book to anyone who is truly concerned about their health.” 

Health and Wellness Training Program – Level I

Create Vibrant Health Presents
Level I


Empower yourself with the foundational principles of
health and wellness by participating in this practical and informative program with Jim Jordan, CNC. Based on Jim’s new book, Your Health is in Your Hands, this program will leave you with a new paradigm for being well so that you can create vibrant health for yourself, your family, your friends and your clients.


Health and Wellness Training Program in Eugene Oregon
Health and Wellness Training Program in Eugene, Oregon
During this 2-day program you will:


  1. Learn the fundamentals of the Underlying Causation Paradigm of illness and how it impacts your health.
  2. Learn how to use health surveys and assessments with your family, friends and potential clients.
  3. Learn how to evaluate case histories of prospective clients and design appropriate protocols.
  4. Understand 7 of the most common chronic health conditions and how to implement protocols to address these conditions.
  5. Learn stress reduction techniques that can be easily used by yourself and your clients.
  6. Understand how to create a “wellness mindset” to increase the body’s capacity to be well faster!
  7. Create a support network with other like-minded members of your community in service of being well!
This program is for you if:


  • You find yourself frustrated and confused about the overwhelming number of options for addressing health issues and want simple and reliable solutions.
  • You are parent with children who wants to be able to treat a variety of childhood-related conditions without having to pay a doctor for advice.
  • You are considering starting a health consulting practice of your own and you want to feel more confident in knowing how to effectively address a wide variety of health conditions.
  • You already have a wellness practice but you would like to strengthen or supplement your practice by drawing on a deeper foundation of knowledge when addressing your client’s health concerns.

Program bonuses include:

  • Level I Training Manual that covers all of the foundational material presented in this course.
  • complimentary copy of Jim’s book, Your Health is in Your Hands.
  • A 45-minute personal consultation with Jim.


Register NOW for Health and Wellness Training Program 

Level I 

Date: January 17 & 18 Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM

Location: 1280 Pearl St. Eugene, Oregon

Tuition: $595/$495 if paid in full by

January 1st, 2015.

 To reserve your space click below:


For more information, contact the office of
Create Vibrant Health at 541-482-2250

Class size limited to 12 people.

James Jordan began his career in nutrition and natural healing in 1997. He became a Certified Nutritional Consultant through the American Association of Nutritional Consultants in 1998. Jim is trained in Live Blood Cell Microscopy, Metabolic Typing, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and Quantum Reflex Analysis. He worked with Dr. Joseph Mercola from 1999 to 2003 where he conducted patient educational programs in addition to treating individuals.


The Healing Power of Scalar Wave Lasers

Create Vibrant Health News:
The Healing Power of Scalar Wave Lasers
December, 2013 
An Introduction to QuantumWave Healing Lasers
About three months ago I came across a new therapy for facilitating healing at a deep cellular level. I met a woman who had healed herself from Lymes disease by using cold laser therapy with a device called a scalar wave laser by a company called Quantum Wave.  I decided to investigate and watched the introductory video at this site.If the body regenerates every cell within 7 years why is it that injuries or damage done to tissues more than 7 years ago are often still not fully healed? The reason is that the damaged tissues store the memory of the trauma in its cells and this cell memory informs the newly generated cells how to operate, in the case of damage tissue to continue to operate as damaged tissue.What if there is a way to clear traumatic cell memory by using laser frequencies?I got a hold of a scalar wave laser and tested it out for myself. My first test came on an elderly woman who suffered from severe osteoarthritis in her knees and needed a walker to get around. I applied the laser to each knee for 20 minutes twice a day for two days. After two days she was able to walk without the walker for a longer period of time than she had been able to in many months.The second case was with a client who had a systemic mycoplasma infection. In his case one 30 minute application and his infection (as viewed in a darkfield microscope) was 50% reduced. Several more positive results including an ear infection being cleared up in one session and my own personal use for stress reduction and minor aches and pains convinced me to purchase a laser for my practice. More Testimonials.

I am offering scalar laser therapy sessions for those who want to experience it for themselves.

The fee is $30 for a thirty minute session. For those who want to purchase either packages of sessions or purchase a Quantum Wave laser for themselves contact my office at 541.482.2250 or

James Jordan, CNC, CMTA, JD 

What are Cold Lasers?Cold lasers are a class of low level lasers which are often referred to as soft lasers, therapeutic lasers, healing lasers or low level laser therapy. They are low powered lasers which do not cut or burn the tissue, rather they work to gently donate energy or waves of photons to rejuvenate the cell.How do soft lasers work?Low level lasers are very popular because they donate energy to cells which stimulates the mitochondria or the part of the cell which makes energy which is called ATP. ATP or Adenosinetriphosphate is the energy molecule which governs 80 – 90% of the cells’ activities.Cold lasers or healing lasers work in much the same way that sunlight on a garden works. The sunlight donates energy in the form of photons which in turn stimulates plants and vegetables to grow faster and more efficiently. Low level lasers work in the same way of donating photons or energy which in turn regenerates tissue and cells Where can low level lasers be used?Soft healing lasers are being used in all facets of health care from doctors and physicians to alternative health providers such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, osteopaths, massage therapists and healers.
For years healing lasers were primarily used by health practitioners such as chiropractors and veterinarians because of the high cost of laser technology. Now with less expensive laser technology many lay people are also taking advantage of the amazing healing properties of laser therapy and are purchasing their own soft lasers. ScalarWave Lasers have been designed for both the lay person and health provider.

What are scalar waves?  

Scalar waves are revolutionary neutral waves of energy. They do not have polarity and therefore do not travel in a linear fashion from past to present. They are a form of unified field energy which is profoundly effective for neutralizing chronic pain, stress, dis-ease and cell memory of any kind.

All polarity is, in effect, a contraction of the unified field and what makes scalar waves so unique is that they are able to unwind and clear these contractions. This works in much the same way that an old cassette tape works. If you want to clear the information you simply change the polarity which neutralizes the information.

How is the Quantum Wave Laser different from other lasers?

scalar wave laser by Quantum WaveThe Quantum Wave Laser is the first truly quantum laser rejuvenation system. The Quantum Wave Laser is revolutionary in its ability to neutralize and clear cell memory. This unique feature is made possible by our patent pending scalar wave technology.

“This TOTALLY works.  My Chiropractor used it on a Neuroma in my foot that I had been getting injections for.  It disappeared and has been gone for 2 years now!  I swear by it!  She has used it on my Carpal Tunnel flareups also! ” Linda S. 

All low level lasers donate energy in order to rejuvenate the cell. What makes our soft lasers truly unique is the ability to clear the cell memory. Cell memory is the stress or tension pattern underneath all injury and dis-ease. Our proprietary technology activates scalar waves which neutralize all polarity and shift the cell memory.

For more information on Scalar Wave Lasers

This quantum laser approach can be applied to any injuries, stress, tension, dis-ease, or to activate the key body systems such as the glands, organs, chakras, meridians or any of the cells which make up the body.

Is the laser FDA approved?

The Quantum Wave Laser System is FDA registered for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain, arthritis and muscle spasm, relieving stiffness, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue, and to temporarily increase local blood circulation.

DISCLAIMER: The System is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent disease. If you have a disease or medical condition, consult with your physician or health practitioner before using the Scalar Wave Laser. Use only as directed. Uses for medical indications contrary to the FDA registration are unauthorized and render the warranty null and void. To protect the Scalar Wave Laser System FDA registration, unauthorized claims may result in legal action, including civil claims and loss of opportunity to market the Scalar Wave Laser System.

I am very excited about introducing Scalar laser therapy to my practice and hope this information is useful to you. Please contact my office with any comments or feedback at 541.482.2250 or

James Jordan, JD, CNC, CMTA

Now available: “Your Health Is In Your Hands” | Premier Coaching Program | Neurotransmitter Assessment Services

Candida Overgrowth Questionnaire

Candida overgrowth Questionnaire (if you score 6 points or more go to Candida Cleanse page

If your answer is “yes” to a question, then circle the number of points in the right-hand column.


1. Have you ever taken antibiotics:

– just once or twice, or for a very short periods of times ( no more               1

than a week)?

– several times, or for an extended period of time (over a week)?                 2

2. Have you ever taken birth control pills for 6 months or longer?                 1

3. Do you currently have athlete’s foot, nail fungus, crotch itch                   2

or skin rash?

4. Do you have food sensitivities or allergies?                                           2

5. Do you have chemical/environmental sensitivities (perfume, cleaners,        2

mold/mildew, auto exhaust)?

6.Do you crave sweets, sugar, sweet drinks or alcohol?                             2

7. Do you crave bread, pasta, baked goods, or does eating some make        2

you want to eat more?

8. Do you experience regular fatigue, lethargy, feeling drained?                  1

9. Do you commonly experience gas, bloating 2


10. Do you experience “brain fog”, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness?   2

11. Do you experience moodiness, emotional sensitivity, difficulty coping     2

with stress?

12. Do you experience muscle aches, pain, stiffness?                              1

13. Do you experience itchy nose, eyes, or rectum?                               2

14. Do you experience intermittent constipation or diarrhea?                    2

15. Do you have unexplained weight loss or constant hunger?                  2

16. Do you have an distended belly?                                                   2

17.Do you have pets with whom you have close contact?                       2

18. Do you have dark circles under your eyes, and/or acne?                    2

                               Add total points:                                         _____


 Below 6 points – you probably do Not have a significant candida overgrowth.

6-10 points: you have signs of candida overgrowth and may benefit

from a candida cleanse and dietary support.

11 or more points: you almost certainly have a candida overgrowth and

will most likely benefit from a candida cleanse, dietary support

and should consider doing a heavy metal detoxification program**

following the cleanse or at least to get your heavy metal levels

assessed by hair analysis or other laboratory testing


**Candida overgrowth is strongly associated with the presence of heavy metals. 

Overcoming Candida in Four Steps and Jim’s 3 month Candida Clearing program

Overcoming Candida in four steps

James Jordan, CNC, JD


  1. Make sure bowels are moving well, at least 2-3 x day. If trouble apply principles of : fluid, flora,fiber and added magnesium (600 mg or more per day). If still sluggish take OxyPowder. Whatever time it takes to accomplish this first stage is what is necessary before moving to step two.
  1. Once bowels are moving well – this may take a week or so – start on a two week liver cleanse. Liver Life (BioRay) – 2-4 drpfl. 2 x day in a cup of water on an empty stomach. Also, stop or reduce alcohol, coffee, sugar, sweets, gluten grains, cheese, dairy (other than butter and live culture yogurt), and vinegar.
  1. After the two week liver cleanse start the anti-fungal herbal component of the plan – this will take 4-8 weeks depending on the severity of your candida infection. Choose 2-3 of the following and rotate them into your program taking one twice a day and the other once a day with meals. You can switch the order every week or after half way through the program. Doses are individual based on how you respond to the die-off of the formula, choose from the following:
  • Pau Darco tea – usual dose if 1-2 tea bags twice a day.
  • Caprylic Acid – usual dose is 1,000 to 2,000 mg per day.
  • Garlic – either raw or capsules with activated Allicin. Usual dose is 3 cloves or 3 capsules per day.
  • Grapefruit seed extract – as directed on the bottle 1-2 x day.
  • Emulsified Oregano oil capsules – 1-3 caps/tabs 1-2 x day.
  • Olive leaf extract – 1,000 to 1,500 mg. Twice a day.
  • Some companies make combination products. My favorite is Gut flora complex by Standard Process – 1 capsule 2 x day with food.
    1. After taking your choice of 2 anti-fungal herbs for at least one month you should add a high quality pro-biotic to your program. This can started prior to finishing step three if you take it before bed or away from the three doses of anti-fungal herbs and should continue for at least three months. Options of high quality pro-biotics include:


  • Cytoflora – by BioRay. 2-4 drpfl. 2 x day in glass of water on empty stomach
  • LB17 – by Osumex – 1 scoop 1-2 x day with food.
  • Healthy Trinity by Natren – 1-3 caps per day with food.
  • Pro-synbiotic – Standard Process – 3 capsules once per day.

The maintenance program would be a moderate dose of pro-biotics at least 3 x week and a short run of anti-fungal herbs of a week or so if you deviate from a healthy diet for a period of time.

Jim’s recommended supplement protocol for elimination of Chronic Candida overgrowth*

  1. Liver Life by BioRay – formula includes Maitake and reishi mushroom extracts to boost immunity and liver detoxification; milk thistle, red root and olive leaf extract.

Take 2-4 drpf. 2 x day on empty stomach for first two weeks. 4 oz. Bottle for $58.

  1. Gut Flora complex by Standard Process combines: Anise, Andrographis, Pau Darco and Oregano. Take 1 capsule twice a day with food. Price $28.95 for 40 Caps. 2 bottles will last you for step 3 of program. Total: $57.90
  1. Prosynbiotic by Standard Process: a comprehensive pro-biotic and pre-biotic. Take 3 capsules per day for two months. $36 per bottle, total cost $72.

Total for three month program: $197 includes shipping within continental United States. 

            ORDER NOW 

Contact my office at 541.482.2250 with questions and information on phone consultations.

*protocol can be modified or complemented with other products. If you are on a tight budget contact me for options.

Balancing Brain Chemistry Naturally

“When most people realize that drugs are not the solution to their mood disorders, memory problems, reduced ability to concentrate or poor sleep quality they often look to a “miracle supplement” that will fix the problem and overlook key principles to establish a foundation for healthy brain function. “

To read this newsletter click HERE.

The First Step to Vibrant Health: becoming aware of the various ways we sabotage our health

“If you are struggling with a health issue and not making a breakthrough, take an inventory of what you are unwilling to let go of and look deep within to see if this could be one of the obstacles to your health reaching new heights. When I find myself suffering in some area of life it is usually because I am afraid of change and I am holding on to the past or the familiar habits I have developed over years. Positive change can come into life when we give space for it to arrive.”

To read this newsletter click HERE.

Protein signalling molecules and stem cell activation

“The missing element in the equation is something called “protein signalling molecules” which instruct these dormant stem cells to activate and regenerate damaged tissue – wherever it is most needed in the body.

To read this newsletter click HERE.

Rejuvenating your hormones and neurotransmitters with a potent “Protein Adaptogen”

Today I had three clients that have recently added Laminine to their supplement program. One man has had a history of horrible psoriasis, another woman chronic fatigue and a third chronic pain. All three have reported significant improvements in their primary health concerns within the first few weeks on Laminine. This is the norm with Laminine – I can’t say that with any other supplement I use in my practice.