Candida overgrowth Questionnaire (if you score 6 points or more go to Candida Cleanse page

If your answer is “yes” to a question, then circle the number of points in the right-hand column.


1. Have you ever taken antibiotics:

– just once or twice, or for a very short periods of times ( no more               1

than a week)?

– several times, or for an extended period of time (over a week)?                 2

2. Have you ever taken birth control pills for 6 months or longer?                 1

3. Do you currently have athlete’s foot, nail fungus, crotch itch                   2

or skin rash?

4. Do you have food sensitivities or allergies?                                           2

5. Do you have chemical/environmental sensitivities (perfume, cleaners,        2

mold/mildew, auto exhaust)?

6.Do you crave sweets, sugar, sweet drinks or alcohol?                             2

7. Do you crave bread, pasta, baked goods, or does eating some make        2

you want to eat more?

8. Do you experience regular fatigue, lethargy, feeling drained?                  1

9. Do you commonly experience gas, bloating 2


10. Do you experience “brain fog”, inability to concentrate, forgetfulness?   2

11. Do you experience moodiness, emotional sensitivity, difficulty coping     2

with stress?

12. Do you experience muscle aches, pain, stiffness?                              1

13. Do you experience itchy nose, eyes, or rectum?                               2

14. Do you experience intermittent constipation or diarrhea?                    2

15. Do you have unexplained weight loss or constant hunger?                  2

16. Do you have an distended belly?                                                   2

17.Do you have pets with whom you have close contact?                       2

18. Do you have dark circles under your eyes, and/or acne?                    2

                               Add total points:                                         _____


 Below 6 points – you probably do Not have a significant candida overgrowth.

6-10 points: you have signs of candida overgrowth and may benefit

from a candida cleanse and dietary support.

11 or more points: you almost certainly have a candida overgrowth and

will most likely benefit from a candida cleanse, dietary support

and should consider doing a heavy metal detoxification program**

following the cleanse or at least to get your heavy metal levels

assessed by hair analysis or other laboratory testing


**Candida overgrowth is strongly associated with the presence of heavy metals.