NES Bioenergetic Wellness

NES is based on the principle that our bodies are a collection of energy and information “fields.”. Distortions in these “body-fields” lead to biochemical imbalances that result in poor health.  MORE->>

Create Vibrant Health’s Premier Coaching Program

This Premier Coaching Program supports you in fully engaging in your healing process on all levels. I’m committed to helping you resolve your current health issues and realizing your highest potential for vibrant health. Learn More...

Hair Mineral Analysis

When performed and interpreted correctly, hair mineral analysis is an excellent method to assess the way the body is responding to stress and to guide the design of corrective health programs. The correct interpretation, based on the work of Dr. Paul C. Eck, allows one to gain a tremendous amount of information about how the body is handling stress, one’s metabolic type, glandular activity, immune system activity, inflammation, glucose tolerance and much more. Learn More….

“My experience with Jim has been exclusively by phone. Even by phone, I quickly felt comfortable relying on Jim’s clear and knowledgeable guidance because of his obvious intelligence, his impressive training, and his words of support (not to be underestimated with autoimmune disorders like mine). His advice has resulted in some progress with my disease, which I understand will require perhaps a couple of years to surmount. Happily, the side benefits to the program he recommended for me have enhanced my health in ways I did not expect–weight loss, rapid healing, healthy skin, for example, and compliments from friends and family.”

– Carol Sparks Ahwahnee, California

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