Balancing Brain Chemistry Naturally

“When most people realize that drugs are not the solution to their mood disorders, memory problems, reduced ability to concentrate or poor sleep quality they often look to a “miracle supplement” that will fix the problem and overlook key principles to establish a foundation for healthy brain function. “

The First Step to Vibrant Health: becoming aware of the various ways we sabotage our health

“If you are struggling with a health issue and not making a breakthrough, take an inventory of what you are unwilling to let go of and look deep within to see if this could be one of the obstacles to your health reaching new heights. When I find myself suffering in some area of life it is usually because I am afraid of change and I am holding on to the past or the familiar habits I have developed over years. Positive change can come into life when we give space for it to arrive.”

Rejuvenating your hormones and neurotransmitters with a potent “Protein Adaptogen”

Today I had three clients that have recently added Laminine to their supplement program. One man has had a history of horrible psoriasis, another woman chronic fatigue and a third chronic pain. All three have reported significant improvements in their primary health concerns within the first few weeks on Laminine. This is the norm with Laminine – I can’t say that with any other supplement I use in my practice.

Leaky Gut Syndrome: How to assess and repair intestinal permeability

In my fifteen years of doing live blood cell analysis testing I’ve found that the biggest benefit to my client’s health comes from healing and repairing their intestinal lining. When waste and pathogens leak into your blood from your intestines havoc is created for your immune system, your liver is overwhelmed and becomes less efficient and symptoms such as fatigue, pain, headaches and inability to concentrate increase exponentially. In addition any program you are utilizing to balance your hormones, improve your memory, clear up your blood vessels, reduce inflammation, etc. will be compromised and be far less effective.