Adverse Health Effects of Sugar and What to do about it

We’ve all been told that sugar is bad for us, but most of us only have a vague idea of why and in what ways sugar is bad for our health.

Sweet foods have a place in a healthy and balanced diet but we have to understand how sugar influences our biochemistry if we are going to intelligently consume sweet foods and not suffer the consequences of excess consumption of sugar.

Optimizing your health with Metabolic Type Diet plan

I’ve found that when my clients follow their metabolic typing program 90% or more of the time they see dramatic improvements in their health. What has been missing in the MT program until recently; however, is an efficient educational support program. Now there is a system for both practitioners and students to use which gives us the tools to keep you on track and provide me with the feedback I need to more effectively coach you.

Up to 40% of Americans are suffering from undiagnosed Low Thyroid function are you one of them? Here’s how to find out and what to do about it‏

Your thyroid and adrenal glands are like two powerful horses that carry your body (the carriage) through life. If they wear down you’ll start to crash. Of all the endocrine glands the thyroid is the most important for regulating cellular energy and metabolism. Without a healthy thyroid all other hormonal functions will suffer.