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What an amazing year it has been for me! I just want to take a moment to say from the bottom of my heart Thank you! After all the ups and downs, surgery and non stop medication as you know I was to say at the least fed up. After years of the uncertainty of whether I would be able to have children I’d given up the thought. As for me I’m over the moon with joy as of May we found out we would be adding another addition to our family. I am 23 weeks pregnant and we are expecting a little girl in January! Just the relief alone I experienced from the Vitamins was a miracle but to be able to have a child…and a healthy pregnancy to top it off.  You my friend are my hero Thank you again….what an impact you have made on me and my family my story will not be told without you  in it. My Best regards to you!”

— Ashely, Roseburg, Oregon

“Jim Jordan is one of the most intelligent teachers of health and natural medicine that I have ever met. His insights into nutrition are phenomenal. His strategies for healing are among the best and most effective that I have seen. As a nutritional consultant I have found his advice thoroughly inspiring and I continue to learn from what he has taught me. I am proud to say that I am a student of his teachings.”

–Michael McEvoy

“Jim creates a comfortable and relaxed space, while offering a broad spectrum of analysis and insights that other practitioners may miss. He listens to people’s individual needs and concerns to address their health goals. This is where I go for nutritional advice.”

–Dr. Timothy March, Chiropractor

“I am very grateful to have come upon the likes of James Jordan whose health advice and recommended products are based on common sense and real results.  Jim has a wonderful way of communicating with clients, leaving them with a greater understanding and sense of personal empowerment in caring for their bodies. In regards to troubleshooting remedies for specific ailments, I have seen quick and positive changes with such products as stomach complex,  A-F Topical (anti-fungal topical from Raintree Nutrition) and Jatoba.”

–Heather H., Talent, Oregon

“About two weeks ago I watched your video on grains, and even though I do not include much on my diet, I decided to eliminate them completely.  Talk about an awakening!   Cannot really explain it, but I feel so different and so much better, and what’s amazing is that the ‘night episodes’ or ‘nightmares’ have stopped completely.  That is something I have been dealing with for eight years, and no matter what I tried, they kept on happening.  Thanks Jim…you did it again for me!  You are awesome!”
–Ellie Kane, Miami, Florida

“When I first came to Jim Jordan I had extreme fatigue and a very poor memory. I suffered from anxiety and depression, and had been on antidepressants for over twenty years. After eight months of seeing Jim I now have more energy, my memory is much improved, and I am anxiety and depression-free. I have been off the anti-depressants for five months now, and am more grounded and clear. I have my life back.”

–Sharon B., Ashland, Oregon

“Jim’s program of nutritional counseling and detoxification taught me to care for myself in ways that doctors couldn’t by addressing underlying causation. I was able to quickly recover from years of digestive distress and suffering. I wish I had met him sooner.”

–John L., Ashland Oregon


“Thanks to your consultation of my live blood cells, I was motivated to get back on track for healthy eating.  Most of my stomach problems have gone away.  My energy has mostly returned, hence I’ve been more active with inside and outside chores around the house.  Better eating and more hour to hour activity has helped me shed a few pounds with little effort.  With continued strength training and increased walking distances, now my goal of climbing South Sisters next Sept. appears doable.  The last time I climbed it, I was 50.  It will be a late 67th birthday gift to myself.   Thank you.”

–Karen S., Eugene, Oregon

“Jim’s wisdom and expertise surrounding the legalities of health continues to be a valuable asset to me. I have sought his advise on multiple occasions!”

–Max Kane/Belleslunchbox.com Founder

“Jim Jordan is truly a dedicated healer. His passion for his work is impressive. Jim takes the time to research and understand the products he uses. He is a truly compassionate man and it shows in his work with others. I have before and would again recommend him without hesitation. He has helped me to feel empowered through nutrition and supplementation and I feel better now than I have in years. Kudos to you, Jim, and continued success in spreading your mission.”

–Terry Mueller, LMT, CNC

“Jim was able to identify area’s that I had no idea I was out of balance in, and this was effecting my overall health and feelings of well being.    After just a few days on his program I feel much stronger, with more energy and focus to get through my busy day.  I know this is just the beginning of rebuilding my vibrant and radiant health.   Thank you Jim for your wonderful contribution to my health.”

–Rose L. MT Ashland OR

“James is a down to earth being: he truly cares about his clients, comes straight from the heart. I knew right away he is a rare individual in the healing arts.”

–Dana B. Ashland, OR

“It started three years ago, gradually, but I knew something was very wrong with me. Suffering from fatigue, exhaustion, sadness, anxiety, insomnia, frequent fainting spells, tremors, awful digestive issues, and so much more. Desperate, but deciding not to give up, I started to research my symptoms, got tested for, and received a positive diagnosis of “adrenal burnout”. I was prescribed hormones and cortisol, which I refused to take. About a month ago, I came across Jim Jordan’s website; ….Jim got me on a diet/supplement program, and I have faithfully followed it. Well I am back!The Me I thought I had lost is back…..and feeling happy, alive and so very grateful to have come upon Jim. A few days ago I told him he was my “hero”….and he is, and so much more….he has saved my life. I am healing! Thank you, Jim!”

–Ellie K. Big Fork, Montana

“Jim, is it possible that just 48 hours after following your advice and changing my diet that I could feel so much better?  Today, my pain level is 10% of what it was when I saw you two days ago.  My energy level is 90% better!  I was aghast when you advised me to abandon my raw vegan diet and add raw red meat to my meals, but I followed your advice (out of desperation).  I could not be more amazed and happy.  Thank you.  Esther”

–Esther P., Ashland, Oregon

“My experience with Jim has been exclusively by phone as I live about 12 hours from Ashland. Even by phone, I quickly felt comfortable relying on Jim’s clear and knowledgeable guidance because of his obvious intelligence, his impressive training, and his words of support (not to be underestimated with autoimmune disorders like mine). His advice has resulted in some progress with my disease, which I understand will require perhaps a couple of years to surmount. Happily, the side benefits to the program he recommended for me have enhanced my health in ways I did not expect–weight loss, rapid healing, healthy skin, for example, and compliments from friends and family!”

–Carol S.- Ahwahnee, California

“My Story: All of my life I struggled with a weight problem, low energy and low metabolism. After the birth of my child I was unable to lose weight, always felt tired, and developed multiple health problems. I began to look for alternative answers because I knew that something was going on in my body that modern medicine could not give me answers to. This is when I found a man named Jim Jordan (createvibranthealth.com) who changed my life. I felt that the puzzle pieces had finally come together. After working with him for several months I had regained my energy, lost my weight and stopped experiencing my health issues. This was accomplished through dietary and lifestyle changes; followed by a comprehensive detox of my body to rid myself of the underlying causes to my unexplained health issues. I had never felt more alive in my life. This was my inspiration to train to become certified with Jim to help others regain their lives as he had helped me to regain mine. He has moved on to help others in Oregon and I hope that through his inspiration I may continue his legacy of helping people to regain their optimum selves and live their life to their fullest potential.”

–Linda Schlueter

“Twelve years ago I contracted cancer, and I have had it come back twice. I chose to work with alternative health care because my body was too sensitive to tolerate drugs, but also because I could not find anyone in the medical field that I could trust to give me a balanced perspective. During the time after my first cancer I researched and searched for the right person to help me. I came in contact with numerous health care practioners, from iridologists, to naturopaths, to nutritionists, to homeopathics, to D.O.’s and chiropractors. All were sincere and helpful, and although each one gave me a little piece to the puzzle, no one could really zero on what was right for me. And so I tred water for as long as I could, until I met Jim, who has a large life jacket in his tool chest. Jim was the first person to help me see the big picture. The kind of information he was attracted to was just what I had been waiting for. Jim has a way about him that is very down to earth, precise, solid and caring, and his integrity is right there. I have recommended him to almost everyone I know, and I get wonderful feedback. He helped me so much that I can’t say enough about him.”

–Jane Hale

“Several years ago I started having health problems. One of which was hyperthyroid. I had my thyroid killed by radioactive iodine (big mistake) which then caused hypothyroid. I was on a rollercoaster ride of symptoms of hyperthyroid and hypothyroid back and forth after the radioactive iodine treatment. After much suffering and frustration, I gave up on conventional medicine and Jim started helping me on my journey to wellness. He did live cell analysis at different times to help determine what needed to be done from a nutritional standpoint to recover my health. Radioactive iodine kills the digestive system which has been a long struggle for me to overcome. Jim had me try different foods and supplements to regain my health. His recommendations have given me my health back, especially his recommendation of implementing the raw food diet. He truly cares about helping people regain their health and consistently worked with me to meet that end. I now enjoy great energy, clear thinking, and sleep well due to his recommendation of eating for my metabolic type. Since Jim recommended using plenty of omega-3 oils in my diet, I now have an even temperament (as I once had terrible mood swings and depression). I cannot thank him enough for giving me my life back and avoiding all the diseases that can develop from poor food choices.”

–Debra Pozen

“Thank you so much for your encouragement and support! God has used you in a powerful way to change my life! For over a decade I have struggled with health issues. I have prayed for wisdom, guidance and healing. . . .you downplayed the health problems that existed at the time and helped me to see myself as a healthy person first! You gave practical advice and even shared your food with me. . . .you helped to renew my strength so that I can literally and figuratively ‘run and not grow weary. . . .walk and not be faint.”

–Sheri Kaiser

“I took your advice and gave up the coffee and I’m at a pack a week on my cigs. That’s better than a pack to 2 packs a day. It hasn’t been easy. You were right: Chrysler wasn’t my life’s purpose, the funny thing is I should be so upset but I’m not. I feel a burden has been lifted. . . .thank you for the time you took with me and if you can tell I’ve tried the raw eggs it’s not so bad. . . .I’ve been trying to keep up with the program with the tools that I have, and I’ve lost 14 pounds.”

–Kim Grau

“Jim Jordan is truly a remarkable person. It shows big time that he cares so deeply about his clients and their quest to improve their health and overcome diseases. His vast knowledge of all the latest options on how one can improve their health naturally amazes me. Jim has helped raise my awareness on healthy methods like no other practioner ever has. We feel fortunate to have him as one of our contributing editors on our web site as well.”

–Linda Slater Dowling

“I’ve had a problem with being overweight for many years, but it seemed that nothing I did made any difference. My body was “stuck.” I went to see Jim Jordan for a blood analysis, and that was a really good thing for two reasons: 1) I’m a very visual learner, and I could actually see the condition of my blood; and 2) I had no idea about toxicity in the blood, and Jim pointed that out for me. He made some simple suggestions, including trying a new detoxification/weight loss program, and my body said, ‘I told you so; I tried to give you hints before and you didn’t listen!’ I lost 25 pounds and I’ve been able to keep the weight off thanks to Jim’s new approach. Thanks!”

–Marty B., age 53

“Jim, thank you for checking in.  Natalie is doing so well.  We have permanently changed the diet and she is great.  No issues any longer.  I will keep doing the liver life a few times per year to keep her clean.  I have been pretty strick with her and noticed for sure that she’ll start to itch if she eats sugar so we stay away from that.  Thank you so much for your help we are thankful to have found you!”

–Dawn H., South Bend, Indiana

“Being sick this week has given me the chance to catch up on reading your newsletters and I feel like I have gained a wealth of knowledge from them. I can’t get enough and I have been re-reading just trying to absorb as much as I can( and I’m still not through all of them!). I truly wish that I had come to know you so many years ago. You have influenced my life in such a positive way in such a short time. There are so many more things I now want to try to do that I have been reading and I feel like I have so much more to learn from you. Your positive energy and passion about health comes through in your writing. I am thankful that I have come to know you. Thank you for coming into my life!”

–Linda S.

“The moment I started taking the Laminine capsules, my energy rose to a very high level. It was something that I had been hoping for for many years. This high energy has continued for the last three months since starting on the product.The next thing I noticed is that my body is in the process of releasing the pain I have been feeling from an accident-related arthritic condition. I no longer get out of bed with a bent-over back, waiting for some heat to release the muscle spasms….What a blessing!”

–Claudine WJ

Training-Related Testimonials

“Jim’s class 3-day Nutritional Counseling Certification Program] was one of the most informative classes that I have had in my life. After taking years of science and health classes in college I think that I learned more from Jim and his colleagues in a weekend than I had learned in my four years of college. I felt that the class had opened up a new path for my life personally and professionally. Through Jim’s practical experience that he gives during the class I felt knowledgeable and trained when I started meeting with clients after the class. Jim’s support after the class was also great. He never hesitated to answer some of the many questions that I had when getting started to see clients. I hope to some day do this full time but in the mean time enjoy working with people and helping friends change their lives through diet and lifestyle suggestions that I make for them. Jim has changed my life and the lives of those that I know. I am glad to know such a kind, supportive and knowledgeable man.”

–Linda S.

“I have been training under James D. Jordan since last year. He is one of the best teachers/trainers/professionals/people I have ever known. His kind, polite, patient, upbeat ways create a comfortable atmosphere, which allows me to ask him any question. His reply is always professional. I have learned much from observing him with clients and listening to the advice he gives. Observing has been the most valuable part of the training. Jim is very knowledgeable about natural health and nutrition. My experience with Jim has been a very positive one. If you have any questions I’ll be glad to talk with you.”

–Laura D.

“Over time, Jim led me to understand the effect of nutrition on my body and it’s ability to recover. I understood that in order for me to improve my health, I needed to work hard and make significant changes in my diet and/or lifestyle….I had always been interested in nutrition but never followed through with a nutrition degree because they don’t teach you the kinds of things that you learn from Jim in nutrition school. As a physical therapist, I recognize the effect of nutrition on healing the body. Since training with Jim, I am able to integrate concepts of nutrition in healing on a daily basis. Jim does a fantastic job with the training, but the highlight for me is having him available as an incredible resource whenever I have a question. Thanks Jim….for helping me change my life and the lives of those that I touch.”

–Linda T.

Legal Seminar Testimonials

“In the seminar you presented at Healing Earth a few weeks ago, I learned some things I thought I already knew. I got an entirely new spin on our constitutional freedoms. I came away feeling empowered and enthusiastic. Thank  you for your dynamic presentation and for the notes you had prepared for us.”

Shirley B.,  Chicago, Illinois

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