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Detoxification Coaching Services

You don’t have to be in the health care field to know something is wrong with our collective health in America when 125 million (45% of the population) Americans suffer from some form of chronic illness such as mental disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, allergies, asthma and an array of miscellaneous mysterious illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ADD, ADHD and Fibromyalgia. Of that 125 million 60 million suffer from multiple chronic health problems. These are the people who find their way to my practice usually after trying conventional medical treatments with little or no success.

In my fifteen years of counseling people with chronic health challenges the two most important issues to address in restoring health are:

  • Individualized diet for one’s metabolic type and
  • Detoxification programs to support the clearing of toxin and pathogen accumulations in cells, tissues and organs.

If you are suffering from fatigue, chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, depression, anxiety, or any chronic health problem, toxicity and pathogen overgrowth are most likely two of the primary causes of your condition and can be remedied by implementing effective nutritional and detoxification principles into your healing program.

Reducing your toxin and pathogen loads are key steps in the direction of healing and restoring optimum health. Four of the primary sources of cellular degeneration and chronic illness are:

  • Toxic chemicals: over 70,000 in our environment contributing to every known ailment from headaches to cancer. MORE on the health effects of toxic chemicals.
  • Toxic Metals: Mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium and arsenic poison the cells, contribute to degeneration of the neurological system, suppress immune function and contribute to fungal and parasitic infections. For more click here.
  • Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Exposure: from computers, cell phones, cell phone towers and other wireless technologies are the newest, and possibly most damaging of all toxicities. More information on how to protect yourself from dangerous EMR
  • Fungal, Parasitic and Mycoplasma overgrowth: Almost every sample of blood I inspect is overridden with toxic pathogens which feed on excess sugars and toxins in the body. Fungus and parasitic infestations are common place and suppress the immune system. In addition a relatively new category of pathogen called mycoplasmas are being connected with many chronic inflammatory, auto-immune and neurological conditions including: Rheumatoid arthritis, MS and ALS and Alzheimer’s. More information on mycoplasmas (Stealth Pathogens)

Our bodies were not meant to deal with the thousands of toxic chemicals, high levels of heavy metals, relentless bombardment of destabilizing electro-magnetic fields and pathogens we are exposed to in the modern world. Without an intelligent, concerted effort to reduce the load of these toxins and pathogens your health will likely be compromised.

The body is always detoxifying to the best of its ability, utilizing your liver, bowels, kidneys, lymphatic system, respiratory system and skin. By consciously supporting key detoxification pathways and adding nutrient formulas to draw chemicals and heavy metals out of the cells through these pathways, amazing healing results often occur. The majority of my clients come to me because they want to improve their health and /or stop or reverse a chronic health problem. I have four parts to the health programs I design with my clients:

  • Customized diet plan – based on metabolic type and other factors.
  • Individualized supplement program based on your needs and budget.
  • Lifestyle changes that support healing including exercise, stress reduction and environmental improvements.
  • Individualized detoxification program based on your needs and budget.

Where are all these toxins and pathogens coming from?

This is a very good question. The obvious answer is from our environment and the pollutants generated by industry based on fossil fuels, agriculture based on chemical pesticides and health care based on pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, that does not explain the whole story, for decades we’ve had these exposures and in many cases these exposures have decreased. In the past ten years, however, populations are being exposed to increasing amounts of Electromagnetic radiation and new sources of toxins and pathogens not in the environment in years past.

Some believe that governments of the Western Europe, Russia, Canada and the United States are engaged in a systematic attempt to reduce global warming by using weather-modification technologies including aerial spraying of toxic chemicals and metals to reduce UV radiation levels which are depleting plant and insect life. Others believe the motives behind the spraying is less benign. This phenomena is referred to as “Chemtrails.”

I first came across the term, “Chemtrails,” about nine years ago while doing live blood cell testing in Chicago. Many mothers would bring their young children in to see me complaining that their children would develop respiratory illnesses and allergies on days when large amounts of “chemtrails” were seen over their neighborhoods. For those who want to see how chemtrails differ from “contrails” (which are the condensation trails left behind when aircraft fly overhead) or to research the sources, contents of and theories of why chemtrail spraying is taking place, click here.

For years I was undecided on whether these chemtrails ,referred to as “contrails” by government and mainstream aviation spokespersons, were in fact toxic or just water vaporization from jet engines. Over many years of research and observation I am convinced that there are toxic metals including aluminum and barium in these chemtrails and possibly chemical polymer fibers loaded with pathogens such as mycoplasmas.

My job as a nutrition-based health coach is to give you the best informations of what is likely causing your health problems and suggestions for effective solutions. It doesn’t help to theorize why we are being exposed to these toxins, but we can mitigate the effect of them on our health by incorporating a comprehensive environmental toxin protection plan. This plan has four major phases:

  1. Colon and liver cleansing phase. If one’s bowels and liver are sluggish this must first be opened before any additional cleansing be performed. Usually 2-4 weeks are sufficient to prepare for the next two phases.
  2. Pathogen reduction phase. Most people are loaded with Mycoplasma, parasitic and fungal infections. Ideally a person would identify the load they are carrying first and document its decline with an effective pathogen reduction program. If you do not have resources for or access to a legitimate pathogen assessment, you would still likely benefit from a 1-2 month program to drop this load.
  3. Heavy metal and chemical detoxification phase. Natural remedies to chelate heavy metals and chemicals are available today for all income brackets. Effectiveness of formulas vary, but getting the proper advice from an experienced professional will maximize your results.
  4. Maintenance phase. This is where getting in touch with your body will help you know when you need to do another cleanse or you may just repeat the above cycles every six months to a year.

My Nutrition and Detoxification coaching services are available in person or by phone.
There are two options to start:

* For those of you who know you want my coaching services…please complete this evaluation profile form and email the completed version to me with a list of times you have available for a consultation.
These consultations usually last about an hour and fifteen minutes the fee is $90.
Follow up consultations usually last between 15-30 minutes and cost $25-$50.

* For those of you who are not certain if you would benefit from my coaching services but have some questions, you can contact me by email or phone to set up a free 15 minute consultation to determine if I can be helpful to you in reaching your health goals. My office number is 541.482.2202. My email address is

Immune system booster and toxin protection kit – 3 options*

For those of you who already feel you are ready to start on your environmental/pathogen detox program without my coaching, I have put together a list of the top products on the market for immune system modulation, chemical/heavy metal/radiation detoxification and pathogen clearing.

*For some highly sensitive individuals they may want to take smaller doses of the products listed below or even do the program in two phases:

  1. Pathogen clearing
  2. Heavy metal and chemical detoxification

Some coaching may be necessary to guide you into how to efficiently break up the program into two parts.
Please call me if you have any questions: 541.482.2202.


The products in first 2 packages…

  • Del Immune – 100 capsules ( a 50 day supply). Made by Pure Research Products. Retail price: $49.95. An amazing product developed in Russia to protect its citizens against biological warfare agents. The product is a lysed form of lactobacillus rhamnosus which increases production of cytokines such as Interferon and Tumor Necrosis factor. More information on Del Immune
  • Liver Life- 4 fluid ounces. (a 60 day supply). Made by BioRay, Inc. Retail Price $56.00. Live Life is an herbal formula designed to drain acids from the body and to normalize liver enzymes and restore liver function. Optimum support during the detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals. More information on Liver Life
  • Natural Detox Factors (NDF) one fluid ounce ( a 15-60 day supply depending on dose). Manufactured by BioRay, Inc. Retail Price $80.00. NDF is a patent pending dietary supplement made from organic, raw, whole food including cilantro and chlorella and herbal ingredients. NDF has been laboratory tested to detoxify heavy metals such as: mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminum and toxic chemicals. NDF has been shown to be 50 times more effective than powdered chlorella in detoxifying heavy metals. Unlike other HM chelators NDF does not strip the body of essential nutrients such as minerals. More information on NDF
  • Myco – 120 capsules (one month supply). Made by Raintree Nutrition. Retail Price 29.95. Blend of 8 Amazonian rain forest anti-mycobacterial herbs. More information on Myco

Package One

Purchasing these products separately would cost $325.85 for a two month supply.
My two month package includes:

  • One bottle of Del Immune
  • Two bottles of NDF
  • Two bottles of Myco
  • One 4 ounce bottle of Liver Life

All for only $285.00 (a savings of $40.85) plus FREE shipping.

For only $142.50 a month you will be protecting yourself from toxic metals, chemicals and stealth pathogens.

Package Two  – A four month supply of the above products

  • 3 bottles of Del Immune
  • One 4 oz. Bottle of NDF
  • 2 bottles of Myco*
  • Two 4 ounce bottles of Liver Life

*After the first two months you would stop Myco and increase the Del Immune to 3 capsules per day. If you bought these products individually it would cost $591.75.

You get package two for only $498.00 ( a savings of $93.75) plus FREE shipping.
This works out to only $124.50 per month.

Package Three – Economy Package

A two month supply of the following:

  • Del Immune – one bottle
  • HMC – 16 fluid oz. (A month supply) HMC contains fulvic acid, zeolite and ionic trace Elements. $28.95. Made by NuIntelliGen Technologies in New Mexico. Two bottles. For more information on zeolites and how they help chelate radiation, as well as heavy metals and chemicals click here.
  • Quantum pH powder* – 5.2 oz. ( a 30 day supply). $22.95. Made by Premier Research labs. Coral Calcium blended with Aloe Vera to maximize nutrient absorption. Two bottles.
  • Myco – two bottles.

*Since HMC contains Zeolites it is more important to take additional minerals that is why pH powder is added to the mix here. Also, for liver support eat plenty of bitter greens, especially dandelion greens and beet greens.

If you purchased these products separately a two month supply would cost $213.65.

Bought as the Economy package you get a two month supply for $189.95 (a savings of $23.70) plus FREE shipping. This works out to only $94.97 per month

Support detoxification modalities for all three packages:

  • Sauna therapy: Extremely beneficial to sweat out the toxins. For more, see issue # 9 of my newsletter.
  • Clay Baths. Clay baths are amazing to support detoxification and healing. More information
  • Drink plenty of pure water. I recommend drinking up to ½ your body weight in ounces of purified water per day. This would include: pure spring water, carbon filtered water, distilled water or water made from high quality negative ion machines such as Kagen. I would add cell food or crystal energy to to your water to help with the detoxifying and re-mineralizing effect of the water. More information on cell food.

The immune system boosting and detoxification kit will often be a key piece to the puzzle of solving your health concerns. We can implement it at the beginning of our work together or within the first two- three months depending on how ready you are for these major changes and commitments.

Many people don’t do adequate preparation for deep internal cleansing of heavy metals and chemicals and suffer unnecessarily. Your success in healing can be greatly enhanced with proper professional guidance in your detoxification protocols.

Most of my clients benefit from ongoing follow up consultations for at least a few months. I am available for coaching you on your detoxification program in person or by phone at a rate of $90 per hour. Follow up sessions are billed at $25 per fifteen minutes or $90 for a full hour.

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