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Create Vibrant Health News Cleaning out Parasites and Candida: step one to optimum health

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are on your way to a fantastic 2009. One thing that will help this new year be a great one for you is to have excellent health.

For many years I have emphasized the importance of addressing the three key underlying causes of illness and sub-optimum health to optimize healing. These causes are: toxicity, nutrient deficiencies and emotional trauma and stress.

What is becoming more and more apparent over the past few years in my practice is that there is a fourth cause that must also be addressed to optimize your the body’s ability to detoxify and absorb nutrients, that is the reduction or removal of fungal, yeast and parasitic infections.

Parasitic or yeast infections not only inhibit nutrient absorption and stress the immune system, they also release neuro-toxins; toxins that acidify tissue as well as aggravate emotional imbalances and impair mental functions. Parasitic and yeast infections often go hand in hand, where you find one you will often find the other. When present these infections and their toxic by-products can overwhelm one’s already overworked detoxification organs and pathways such as your lungs, kidneys, liver, bowels and skin.

New Year’s Resolution to Revitalize your health. Step one: Clean out your intestines of unwanted visitors like parasites, fungi and unhealthy levels of yeast
In a study of outpatients at the Gastroenterology Clinic in Elmhurst, N.Y., a 74% incidence of parasites was found. One survey of public health laboratories reported that 15.6% of specimens examined contained a parasite. At Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, almost 30% of specimens examined are positive for a parasite. This despite the fact that these tests are notorious for providing false negative (finding no parasites when in fact one does have parasites) results at a rate of 50% – this due to the fact that a lab can logistically only test for a limited number of parasites we are exposed to.

Signs that parasites may be present include:
• teeth grinding
• brain fog and poor memory
• digestive disorders including: constipation, indigestion, gas, bloating,hard and/or loose stools
• hard and/or distended stomach
• skin problems: eczema, dryness, acne
• food cravings, especially sugar and yeasty foods
• allergies
• bad breath
• itchy rectum
• positive lab test
• dry blood sample that has black holes in it
• live blood sample with high levels of protoplasts (leaky gut toxins)

Parasite/Candida Assessment
Although stool samples can detect a fungal, yeast or parasite overgrowth, they can only test for a certain number of parasites and are considered unreliable in ruling out parasite infection. Parasites can be the hidden cause of many diseases and sub-optimum health conditions, laboratory tests can’t reliably detect them coming in at a 50% false negative rate. There is no test available that can definitively rule out a parasite infection. Live and dry blood tests can provide secondary evidence of fungal, yeast or parasitic infections but also are not definitive.
Since it is nearly impossible to avoid parasite exposure and the dietary indiscretions and toxin exposures which contribute to fungal, yeast and parasite infections, common sense tells us to do what indigenous people have done for centuries: namely do a thorough parasite cleanse at least once a year.

Parasite/Candida Questionnaire

For those who want to take a questionnaire that will give you a good estimate of the likelihood of whether you have a fungal, yeast and/or parasite infection, Click Here
Parasite/Candida Cleanse at least once a year.

In my experience it is wise to do a parasite/candida cleanse at least once a year and preferably twice a year. Until recently I’ve referred my clients to the health food store to purchase parasite cleansing programs. In the past year; however, I’ve noticed the products I’ve been recommending were not clearing up the parasites in my clients as indicated by their symptoms still being present and/or their blood samples still having clear signs of parasitic infection.

In the early fall of ’08 I came across a very powerful parasite cleansing program called Artemesia and Clove, developed by BioRay, Inc., a company whose heavy metal detoxification program I’ve used for many years. The program consists of two products: a parasite cleansing herbal formula and large parasite shredding formula.

To Order your Parasite Cleansing program Contact me at 541.482.2250 or email me at
Order by February 1st and get $20 off your Parasite Cleanse

Artemesia & Clove is proven effective against many parasites, yeasts and fungus; as shown before and after stool tests with the Parasitology Center in Scottsdale, Arizona directed by Dr. O. Amin MD. To read more about the Center visit

Artemesia and Clove, is a liquid tincture and is composed of the following herbs:
• Green walnut hulls
• Hercium
• Red Clover
• Artemesia Absynthium
• Olive Leaf
• American Ginseng
• Artemesia Annus Vera
• Cloves
• Grapefruitseed Extract

dosage 3-8 dropper fulls 2 x day on an empty stomach. Dose depends on size and your body’s capacity to clear parasites. This formula is to be taken for two weeks daily, take 7 days off and go back on for 10 days.

The large parasite shredding formula, called K-min, is composed of:
• Calcium
• Food grade Diatomaceous Earth

Dose 1-2 capsules 3 x day taken with food for the first 2 weeks of the parasite cleanse.

Under a microscope diatomaceous earth looks like shards of broken glass. When large parasites consume them they are shredded. Take this formula with food, it will not affect your digestive tract adversely and will pass through your GI tract if not consumed by the larger parasites.

This program clears parasites up better than any program I’ve used. The reasons are that the dosages are higher than most programs, the formula is stronger and more balanced than any other formula I’ve ever used and the K-min formula rips up the bigger parasites like no herbal remedy is capable of doing. I believe that if you’re going to go through the trouble of a 30 day parasite cleanse you might as well get the best formula on the market. I highly recommend BioRay’s Artemesia & Clove plus K-mins for the bigger Parasites.

The first step to getting your digestive tract in balance is to clear up the yeast, fungus and parasites. The next step is to replenish the beneficial bacteria to optimum levels. I will be giving a talk on Digestive health on January 14th at the Rouge Valley Metaphysical Library for more information Click Here


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The new year is a time to commit to reaching our highest potential in life. It’s almost impossible to reach that potential when our energy is being drained by parasitic, fungal and yeast infections. It’s a great idea to clear these critters out at least once a year. Let me know if I can be of help.

Jim Jordan


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