Leaky Gut Syndrome: How to assess and repair intestinal permeability

In my fifteen years of doing live blood cell analysis testing I’ve found that the biggest benefit to my client’s health comes from healing and repairing their intestinal lining. When waste and pathogens leak into your blood from your intestines havoc is created for your immune system, your liver is overwhelmed and becomes less efficient and symptoms such as fatigue, pain, headaches and inability to concentrate increase exponentially. In addition any program you are utilizing to balance your hormones, improve your memory, clear up your blood vessels, reduce inflammation, etc. will be compromised and be far less effective.

Adverse Health Effects of Sugar and What to do about it

We’ve all been told that sugar is bad for us, but most of us only have a vague idea of why and in what ways sugar is bad for our health.

Sweet foods have a place in a healthy and balanced diet but we have to understand how sugar influences our biochemistry if we are going to intelligently consume sweet foods and not suffer the consequences of excess consumption of sugar.

What can a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis tell you about your health

When looking at a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis report, understanding mineral patterns is one component to good interpretation. If interpreted correctly, there are numerous variables a hair test can identify. These include: mineral deficiencies, adrenal function, thyroid function, toxic metals & hidden toxic metals, various components of digestive function and carbohydrate tolerance.