June 6, 2017
Dear Friends,
The most consistent health benefit I’ve observed from Cold Wave Laser Therapy has been its remarkable ability to reduce both chronic and acute pain.  Personally, I’ve used my laser for both chronic pain and acute injury recovery and I’ve reported on numerous cases where laser therapy has been the decisive factor in my clients recovering from chronic and acute pain.
Here are the top six ways cold wave lasers support reduction of pain and regeneration of tissues:
1. Increased production of endorphins (feel good molecule)
2. Increased production of nitric oxide
3. Electrolyte  balancing
4. Increased nerve cell action potentials
5. Increased release of key neurotransmitters (brain chemicals)
6. Nerve cell regeneration
 Increase production of endorphins
We all know how great we feel when we have that exercise high from a nice brisk walk or swim. That’s because of a release of chemicals called endorphins. Laser therapy  h as been clinically reported in multiple studies, to release endorphins both locally in the area being treated and systemically throughout the body promoting both pain reduction overall feeling good.
Increased nitric oxide production
Nitric oxide has both a direct and indirect impact on pain sensation. As a neurotransmitter, it is essential for normal nerve cell action potential in impulse transmission activity.  Indirectly, the vasodilation effect of nitric oxide can enhance nerve cell oxygenation.
Electrolyte balancing
Laser therapy promotes normalization in calcium, sodium and potassium ion concentrations, resulting in pain reduction due to improved cell waste removal and nutrient uptake into cells.
Increased nerve cell action potentials
Healthy nerve cells tend to operate at about -70 mV, and fire at about -20 mV. Compromised cell membranes have a lowered threshold as their resting potentials average around this -20 mV range.  Laser therapy can help restore the action potential closer to the normal -70 mV range.
Increased release of acetylcholine
By increasing the available acetylcholine, laser therapy helps in normalizing nerve signal transmission in the autonomic, somatic and sensory neural pathways.
Nerve cell regeneration
Several studies have documented the ability of laser therapy to induce axonal sprouting and some nerve regeneration in damaged nerve tissues. Where pain sensation is being magnified due to nerve structure damage, cell regeneration and sprouting assists in reducing pain.
Testimonial for Pain Reduction
Recently a woman from Florence, Oregon purchased a laser through my office. She was suffering from chronic pain for many years, here’s what she had to say:
“God answered my prayers the first week of March with the discovery of the “Scalarwave Laser”.  Back on Feb. 8th, I completed my DNR paperwork with my MD and discontinued blood thinner meds basically ready to die since my excruciating pain overwhelming my body every hour of every day.   A 2009 traumatic misdiagnosed head, spine & jaw injury treated by bad surgeries leaving me in growing pain.
………I am on a healing pathway with 97% of my pain relieved using the Scalarwave Laser.   Rather than sleeping 10 hours a night now I am ready to go having 6-7 hours of slumber!  Formerly my daily activities were limited to 3 hours, now I am active 8+ hours.  Presently I am full of joy, cheerful & creative again leaving the pain & depression in the dust….” 
Lynn, Florence, Oregon.
I continue to be impressed by the results my clients get from using cold wave laser therapy for pain reduction and many other health conditions.
For more information on cold wave lasers please visit www.supportforyourbody.com
Yours in Health,
James Jordan, CNC