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Optimize Your Testosterone Levels Naturally   
Dear Friend,
The most important step men age 50 and up can take for their overall health is to optimize their testosterone levels naturally. The benefits are tremendous including:
  • more energy and vitality
  • better memory and cognitive function
  • better sleep
  • balanced moods
  • optimal weight and reduced body fat
  • reduced risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes
The first step is to face reality and get your testosterone levels accurately tested.
Optimize Your Testosterone Levels Naturally
Optimize Your Testosterone Levels Naturally
The second step is to get a program designed for you
to optimize your testosterone levels. This program must address diet, exercise and key nutritional deficiencies which contribute to low testosterone. The program must also be one that you can sustain and will optimizes your testosterone levels. Each man is different and his program will reflect his unique needs and abilities.
Feel free to call my office at 541.482.2250 for more details.
Yours in Health,
James Jordan, CNC, CMTA.
$150 for Testosterone blood test and 45 minute consultation (normal price $195) with Jim to set up your customized natural testosterone boosting program. 
Offer Expires: October 15, 2017